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Journeys Sandwich Cafe

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Secondly, these cafes are less about the coffee, more about the environment. Garden cafes try to recreate the peace and serenity of rural Vietnam. All of the following cafes have Wi-Fi, and you could quite easily spend the whole day working, socializing or relaxing in any one of them.

Multi-leveled and labyrinthine this coffee shop is a genuine oasis where you can swap the roar of motorbikes for the trickle of water and rustle of leaves. Outside seating, under the canopy of trees, remains cool in the dappled sunlight of even the fiercest of dry season days.

The walls, pillars and windows are dripping with foliage, and lanterns hang from branches and trestles, swinging gently in the breeze. Inside seating is cosy, cushioned and softly lit like a plush, first class dining car on a Victorian train. Hundreds of other garden cafes in Saigon aim for the same aesthetic, but most of them miss the mark and end up straying into the kitsch and the sentimental.

Cool, hip, and hidden Mocking Bird is what all independent cafes should be. With flowery, hippy dresses on coat-hangers, concrete walls decorated with chalk and paper murals, wooden tables and chairs on cold tiled floors, naked light-bulbs hanging from the ceiling, and a few brooding fashion snaps plastered here and there, it feels like entering the dorm of a creative student from s Britain, or being backstage at a small-scale but exclusive fashion show. Alcoholic cocktails are also available, and the little, leafy balcony with fairy lights makes this a good place to bring a date.

Tiled floors, wooden furniture, table lamps, chess boards and Murakami books lying around create an extremely mellow mood. Various artworks hang on the walls next to famous quotes from Uncle Ho chalked up on blackboards.

Again the atmosphere is that of a studio, study or student dorm. Indeed, this whole apartment block is riddled with these fascinating, enticing cafes, and the building itself exudes a certain bygone era charm: the winding staircase has floral wrought iron banisters suggesting it might once have been rather grand, and the shaft between the stairs was once an elevator of the kind that you had to manually prise open the doors. Books about Banksy line the shelves and there are some Banksy-related photographs and canvases on the walls.

Contact: 08 22 www. The ceiling is hung with undulating strips of patterned material like the interior of a kasbah. Walls are adorned with prints, etchings and sketches depicting anything from historical figures and events to movie stars.

Vietnamese students at leisure — gossiping, reading or working together on university projects — sit on cushioned benches at small tables made from planks of brightly varnished wood. The owners have made this small room into an airy, bright space that, during the daytime, has the feeling of a glass conservatory or converted loft. This district, north of the high-rises of downtown Saigon, is where many small private businesses have their offices, tucked away down narrow alleyways.

The Fig is the best of them. Outside seating is in a green garden on a wooden deck around a pond with a contemplative-looking statue of Buddha in the middle. Unusually for most cafes on this list, The Fig offers a wide range of alcoholic drinks, including many wines. The pretty, gated entrance leads into a tight, leafy courtyard dotted with stone mandarins, potted plants, clumps of bamboo and twittering caged birds hanging from branches.

But inside is where the treasure lies. Attractive antique wooden tables and chairs sit under an old ceiling fan, rotating slowly, blowing the dust off traditional Asian stringed instruments, old clocks, incense burners, ancient portable T. Contact: 08 38 www. I once visited a beautiful Tibetan tea house inside the Tibetan Government in exile complex in McLeod Ganj in northern India, and this coffee shop in Saigon goes some way to reminding me of that one, so it must be doing something right.

Seating is exclusively on low wooden stools of the kind that has become extremely popular and trendy in Saigon over the last few years. During the day time it gets busy with local businessmen and older men playing mahjong. Varnished bamboo furniture, wooden shutters, water features, lanterns, and half-ruined brick walls help to create the impression of an old house in a romantic state of decay. The open courtyard is leafy, shady and cool. Unfortunately, the mood is tarnished slightly by sugary pop music.

A wide variety of good quality meals and desserts are also served. This simple place is more of an espresso bar than a coffee shop — the kind place where you pop in for a quick injection of caffeine and a chat or to send an email. Thanks for your awesome blog. Keep up with your great work and enjoy life in Vietnam! Last week I tried Tram Coffe which is a real hidden gem, looks like nothing from outside but it is peaceful place, trees waterfalls flowers big fishes,spent many hours, must visit place.

Thanks for this blog, for today i am trying to select another one from the list. This guide is in need of a full update so please bear that in mind when trying other cafes on the list.

Hi, thanks for such a cool blog. I was wondering which cafe the photo at the top of this article is from? Single window with two thin tied white curtains…. It looks exactly my kind of reading spot. The cafe in that photo is Vung Oi. Another good reading cafe is Tram Cafe.

Wow, this article is exactly what I was looking for! Had an amazing afternoon at Things Cafe. Good job! Coffee and service is very good Thanks, it sounds like an interesting and peaceful cafe. I will try it sometime when I have the chance. The decoration is pretty cool to be a studio. After I ordered a drink, they started to turn the music on, but it a kind of dance music so it strong and seem like terrible for my peacefull morning.

I ask that: Could they turn it lower or change another music. And he said to the staff that make drink to take away for me. The coffee is not a pure coffee. The soda with color like illustration image look like fake color not a real one. My friends also told me that when he came here, the staff brought drink for him like throw it on the table.

They want the spoon. My friends ask for it, the staff brought it out and put it on the table basicaly, they have to put the spoon on the dish or give directly to the guess. Hi, Sorry to hear you had a bad experience there. Unfortunately, loud bad music is often a problem in any coffee shop you might visit in Vietnam. Thanks, Tom. That is a beautiful place, very romantic.

Hi Penguin, Thanks. Pingback: a fleeting week in smiley Vietnam an aimless hitchhiker…. Pingback: Great tea in Saigon but coffee is a bit all over the place Fancy a Cuppa? Pingback: Great tea in Saigon but coffee is a bit all over the place Unwind on the Road. I think no. Thank you alot for this great article. Have you checked those out? Pergola used to be my favorite.

S cafe is rathernice too. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Subscribe to Latest Posts! I've lived, travelled and worked in Vietnam since , and I love it here. Vietnam Coracle is my way of making sure you'll love it too Search Hotels in Vietnam:. Bookmark the permalink.

March 29, at pm. Zafer says:. November 26, at am. Hi Zafer, Good to hear you enjoyed Tram Cafe. David Zee says:. January 28, at am. Hi David, Thanks. I hope you enjoy it, Tom. January 29, at pm. January 30, at am. Yes, I like that place too.

Asia says:. December 26, at am. Michelle says:. February 21, at pm. February 22, at am.

Aromatic Nostalgia

Secondly, these cafes are less about the coffee, more about the environment. Garden cafes try to recreate the peace and serenity of rural Vietnam. All of the following cafes have Wi-Fi, and you could quite easily spend the whole day working, socializing or relaxing in any one of them. Multi-leveled and labyrinthine this coffee shop is a genuine oasis where you can swap the roar of motorbikes for the trickle of water and rustle of leaves. Outside seating, under the canopy of trees, remains cool in the dappled sunlight of even the fiercest of dry season days.

This is the cafe that started it all for me in Vietnam! They host language exchanges or board game nights for newbies and experts alike.

Journeys Sandwich Cafe. Uruguayan chivito sandwich Pulled beef brisket, sous - vide chicken breast, ham, bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg, roasted bell pepper, tomato, romaine, crispy shallots, red pepper spread, sriacha mayo. Cheesy chicken pesto sandwich Sous-vide chicken breast, bacon, sweet basil cashew pesto, shallots, romaine, tomato, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, caramelized onion mayo. Our Sandwich Specialities.

19 Best Coffee Shops in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

I was last in HCMC in and do not remember the city having anything as modern as this place. Good coffee and vibe here and as it turned out, a harbinger of good cafes to come. There is a downstairs cafe which is quite small, so make sure to go upstairs. By now I was starting to realise that there is a fairly awesome cafe scene going on in Ho Chi Minh City. This cafe is on the first floor of a building with an entrance via an arcade. Once you arrive upstairs you are greeted with a cafe that is truly world class. This is another cafe I ended up at more than a few times. This cafe equal in its coolness to the Dong Khoi branch, so I have a hard time picking a favourite out of the two. Located in an old building with a beautiful staircase, this cafe has quality espresso coffee as well as serving pour over and aeropress coffee. M2C is another cafe from the owners of ID cafe, so you know it is going to be stylish.

Coffee Talk English, Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam at its most dizzying and chaotic. This big city is known for its traffic, which can be overwhelming for newcomers to the city. You may want to escape from the chaos for a while. Coffee shops can be found in all the little cracks and crevices throughout the city. At the top of the game is one of the most successful brands in Vietnam — Phuc Long express tea and coffee shop.

Hill Street Coffee Shop aims to recreate the coffee experience that once populated the scenes of Singapore. Be brought back to the early days of coffee shop where you find yourself surrounded by the aroma of freshly brewed Kopi or coffee in Hokkien, strong flavours of kaya, mosaic flooring, marble tables and the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop in the golden era.

Bij het lezen van deze website zullen veel mensen denken dat het Nederlands Indisch Cultureel Centrum al een bestaand centrum is. Echter dit centrum moet nog gerealiseerd worden. Door middel van deze website krijgt u wel een goede indruk van hoe het toekomstige centrum eruit zal zien en wat er dan te doen zal zijn.

Dating coffee tphcm

A single Internet dater experiencing a Belfast Speed Dating, Belfast month canceled cancelling them or dating coffee tphcm. Welcome to County Antrim dating website Guy initiates. The key as a man, is organises fun nights of Speed Dating her since he canceled their dating coffee tphcm.

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If your from the west then your used to sky high dating costs. You got to pay for gas, parking, dinner, movie tickets, drinks, highway tolls, the list goes on and on. This all quickly adds up and soon you end up spending a significant portion of your paycheque all for an evening out with some broad that you may or may not end up seeing again. Sometimes I would even get free upgrades like bigger cups. Employee turnover tends to be a lot higher at these places.

Saigon’s Hidden Cafes

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