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Dating nct lucas would include

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Originally posted by imbluesky. Check out the rules. Networks we are in. Posts Boyfriend! Request: Yes. Lucas is the type to start playing hard to get.

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Yuqi wants a REAL man, she ain’t dating “NCT” Lucas

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Index Message Submit Archives. You were a barista in training, he was coming from a gig in the area. You both found each other attractive, both inside and out, which made it hard for you to keep your eyes on him because you were so flustered by his presence. As for Lucas however, he would always steal glances towards you when you looked down, and a sly, interested smirk played on his lips. He would be the first to initiate things between the two of you of course, building the courage up to ask you out on a date whilst your friends all sat behind grinning at the two of you.

You could say your date was something of a dream. Running in the rain to different places with his coat covering the two of you, looking through store windows together and window shopping, eating burgers and curly fries at a diner and milkshakes for dinner.

At the end of the night he treated you to one last stop on the date— his favourite look out spot. He took you to the tallest skyscraper of a hotel building, bribing his way with witty comments to the manager to allow you guys some time at the top. You both went to the top of the hotel, the last level that opened to the rooftop. From there, you both looked out to the city, immersed in the surrounds as you both talk deeply to each other, sharing your stories that had different cultural perspectives on life which you both found refreshing and intuitive on the differences yet similarities between the two of you.

Before the night ended, Lucas turned to you, said another witty comment about how he was sorry he got your hair wet, yet he complimented how the wet look suited you, as your curled popped more than ever. Being an established couple When you guys finally called it in, you both had a pretty well balanced relationship. How do you know for sure? He was for it, you were against it. You both would never argue physically, but both your words would pack a powerful punch. You hated fighting with him because you cared and loved him.

He hated fighting with you because he cared, loved and hated seeing you get upset— it would break him. Tension would be at it highest point between you two as you would go days without speaking, too focus on the words that were exchanged between the two of you. It crushed him, and it hurt him badly. He would pull you into the tightest embrace and hold you close, allowing your tears to drop onto him as he repeated how sorry and how much he loved you over and over.

His breathing would become ragged and unstable, making you turn back to him in confusion. You made your way towards him as he would perch himself up onto his elbows, watching your every move. Lucas was a helpless romantic when it came to you, falling weak in your presence as he would pepper and coat your body in love he has wanted to show you for awhile now.

He always touch you in the right spots and just know how much to pleasure you in order to get the best out of you. He worshipped you, He ravished you, Yet he loved you as well. He would always bring you close to his chest when you both rested, wrapping his thick arms around you to warm you up with his heat.

City Of Stars — Dating Lucas!

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dating wong yukhei.

Originally posted by yukbaee. I hope this is what you were looking forward to! Whoever gets flustered first loses. Requesting remains open even if I go missing from time to time i apologize guys, I have school and stuff to worry about so if I go missing, fight my school not me. A masterlist will be posted soon. You brought your best game because you wanna see how evil the maknaes can get when it comes to punishment. You did start to get a little bit flustered but you ultimately won with a corny pick up line. After dropping the worst pick up line known to man, Jaemin got extremely flustered which means he lost. His reaction to losing was really cute but really funny at the same time; He would have hot pink cheeks and a dorky grin on his face but he would hang his head and quietly admit defeat before grumpily plopping down on the floor to wait for Jisung and Chenle to bring in the drink of death.

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Index Message Submit Archives. You were a barista in training, he was coming from a gig in the area. You both found each other attractive, both inside and out, which made it hard for you to keep your eyes on him because you were so flustered by his presence. As for Lucas however, he would always steal glances towards you when you looked down, and a sly, interested smirk played on his lips.

Originally posted by fynct-lucas. I suppose it has.

He has a younger brother. Rookies trainee on April 5, He eats the most out of all the members.

NCT/BTS SCENARIOS — NCT LUCAS: dating would include

Mark: Mark would feel very responsible for his girl as he and she have a 3 years age gap. NCT hyung line reaction to you wanting to adopt rather than get pregnant. My name is Shawerim, I am 17, and I am a second-year student in college in Canada. And everyone who requests smut about minors, I will NOT write it.

Request because it's too long for the title: : Hello there! One where they find this girl and she glowed up over the summer but never really talked to her too much the prior year. Requested by uwunation It was pretty late when Mark got home. Best Friend! Expect lots of cuddles and hugs.

Bota 🎨 — Wong Yukhei [Lucas Wong] as your boyfriend | NCT U

Yukhei was nervous but excited for your guy's first date as a couple. He had thought about this for months and now that it was really here, he couldn't believe it. His heart was swelling as he thought about you. His tummy was feeling weird. When you showed up to the dorm, dressed cutely, his eyes nearly bulged from their sockets. You look amazing. He grinned though, and took your hand.

Feb 8, - Boyfriend Lucas • omg I don't even know how to start this • but let me lucas would guide you to a couch or to a bed that's somewhere close basically, you're dating a whole idiot; but damn he's cute fgdhsj; and, nct nct u nct nct dream smrookies nct reactions nct scenarios lucas yukhei wong yukhei.

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Lucas (NCT/WayV) Profile and Facts

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Пока старик собирался с мыслями, Беккер не произнес ни слова. Тот огляделся вокруг, указательным пальцем разгладил усы и наконец заговорил: - Что вам нужно? - Он произносил английские слова немного в нос. - Сэр, - начал Беккер чуть громче, словно обращаясь к глуховатому человеку, - я хотел бы задать вам несколько вопросов.


Стратмор его не слушал. Если спасение Сьюзан равнозначно крушению его планов, то так тому и быть: потерять ее значило потерять все, а такую цену он отказывался платить. Хейл заломил руку Сьюзан за спину, и голова ее наклонилась. - Даю вам последний шанс, приятель.

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Кольцо, - совсем близко прозвучал голос. Беккер поднял глаза и увидел наведенный на него ствол. Барабан повернулся.

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