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Want to know how to get your product made? Our guide covers every step from researching and prototyping to finding a manufacturer. Understanding the business, however, can be tricky, especially if you plan on scaling up in the future and partnering with large vendors. How to do you find the right manufacturer for your product? How many prototypes do you need? What's an NDA and should you have one?


How to Find Clothing Manufacturers for Your Business

Where you manufacture your product is a big decision. What do you value? More importantly — what do your customers value, and what will they pay for? Let the data make this decision for you. You may settle on some combination of both. Consider local manufacturing for the first run if this is the first time you are manufacturing your product or if you cannot hire a Quality Assurance representative on site.

Reduce communication issues Work with people who speak your native language. Communicating in the same time zone also means that you can speak to the manufacturer and get questions answered the same day. If you can find a manufacturer in your city, take a tour of their facility. Face to face relationships are stronger than online email exchanges and manufacturers are more inclined to work with you and offer free advice.

Find problems early If this is the first time your product has gone to manufacture, confirm that manufacturing will produce what you expect. Using a manufacturer abroad forces you to make tough decisions:. Reduce shipping costs and delays Finding a local manufacturer will save money on freight.

Consider the time it would take to get your product from an overseas manufacturer, through customs, and to you. How soon will you need your product after you realize that your inventory is running low? Reduce manufacturing costs — substantially This is the top reason products get made overseas. Ensure that you add the cost of shipping your product into their manufacturing quote. Lower supplier costs Depending on the product, raw materials may not be available at competitive costs locally.

With the increased outsourcing, it has become more difficult to find a local manufacturer with the capabilities to manufacture the product who is also willing to take on smaller projects. Hear how small business owners launched products and built businesses around them. Get the right tips to turn your ideas into physical products.

The below online directories will give you lists of manufacturers to contact. Most allow you to send requests for quote RFQs to manufacturers directly:. Remember that manufacturers take time sometimes hours to put quotes together. Did you choose a local manufacturer or work with someone abroad?

Did you have any problems? Let me know in the comments below! I love that you mentioned that we could save money on shipping costs by choosing a manufacturer who is local.

My wife and I have been talking about finding one to help us with a product idea that we have had, and it will be important for us to know that we could find the right one. To help us with that, I will check their locality and costs.

My brother is wanting to make some flagpoles, so everyone in our family could hang up some flags in our yards, and it will be important for him to know that he could find one that will be affordable. I think it would be helpful for him to know what you said about how a local manufacture will be able to have lower shipping costs, so I appreciate that you mentioned it.

When we look for one to recommend to him, I will be sure to consider their locality. I thought that it was helpful when you suggested to choose a local manufacturer. My brother and I want to find a manufacturer for our new product.

I will be sure to search locally for one. As far as which country to choose to outsource your product from is concerned, it really depends on the type of product. For example, backpack manufacturers in Vietnam offer a much higher standard of quality as opposed to manufacturers in China. But a very helpful article overall. I really appreciated how this article talked about considering local manufacturing for the first run. This is something that I think would be really important to make sure that you have the right quality.

As an owner of a manufacturing company, I do agree with the tips you have shared here. Plus having a good relationship with your suppliers also can make a difference, working harmoniuously can create a positive impact to both parties as well. Dear Sir I am proposing a manufacture of a very low cost led domestic lamp that I have invented.

History: The lamp companies spent 2 to3 years trying to produce a low cost led lamp, they failed, due to cost. They then sold their lighting divisions believing such a product was unobtainable. They were wrong, I thought laterally and produced my very viable lamp, see photo below of my research model, only requiring to be production engineered.

The market is clear of opposition of low cost led lamps. And are cheap. America alone is a viable market. Here is a photo on my research model. Ignore the light and dark, it is the camera synchronising with the mains frequency. My finances are low, but if you want to take up on my offer and set up a factory, I am happy to advise on a technical basis and would hope for a relatively small proportion of the profit. If you are interested, contact me on; bfellerman outlook.

Thanks for your comment. I think you have a great idea. I would do more market research and try to narrow down your application more. I understand that you want to solve a large need, but right now there are a lot of big players in the residential LED bulb market with larger distribution networks and better economies of scale.

Their factories can always make an equivalent product cheaper unless you have patented technology. Have you looked at the costs to manufacture, package, and transport it? I would focus your technology in smaller markets and niche applications. Think of areas that have specialized lighting where the larger manufacturers are not selling yet.

You could be first to market in some of these areas and you may even find an investor in that field who understands that industry to help you with the setup. I would continue researching the costs involved so you can give future investors a better picture of what they are taking on.

This is excellent advice. I am constantly approached by individuals with an idea wanting me to find a supplier. The two biggest mistakes people have are 1. Not having a solid business plan complete with distribution strategy ahead of time. I see so many people wanting to drop a lot of money into finalizing their design and setting up a manufacturer before they have figured out how they are going to sell it.

Before they have even run the numbers to see if it truly is viable. The grossly underestimate how difficult it is to get a retailer or distributor to carry the item, and how expensive it gets to accomplish sales. Trying to bite off too much market share right away without the massive capital needed to accomplish that.

As Filip correctly points out, start with a Niche market for your bulb. This helps in three major ways. Builds incredibly valuable experience in business and distribution.

Niche markets are used to paying higher prices. You can have a higher margin right off the bat to help fund growth. The big box retailers will beat you down to tiny margins. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Categories Make. Tags Make Manufacture. There are distinct pros and cons to manufacturing your product locally and abroad.

Here are advantages of each approach: Local Manufacturing Reduce communication issues Work with people who speak your native language. Using a manufacturer abroad forces you to make tough decisions: Do you want to order a sample first and wait longer to receive the first production run?

Should you take a chance on everything being perfect the first time? Manufacturing Abroad Reduce manufacturing costs — substantially This is the top reason products get made overseas. With such a big difference in price, most customers will still choose the cheaper product. Like this article? Related posts.

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How to Find a Manufacturer + Save 65% on Product Development

Although researching and selecting a manufacturer can seem like an overwhelming process, there are many versatile resources available to help you find the right production facility for your concept. Doing your due diligence in this early phase of development will make things significantly easier later in the process. One of the most crucial tasks to accomplish during these early stages is preliminary market research. Before investing in actually getting the product manufactured, you need to confirm that it has a chance at performing in the marketplace. The next step is to evaluate your competition.

Shopify uses cookies to provide necessary site functionality and improve your experience. By using our website, you agree to our privacy policy and our cookie policy. This is an interesting time for an entrepreneur, as momentum begins to build and excitement grows the more you think about your ideas.

With that in mind, this article will provide you with some tips and tricks that should help to set the record straight and point you in the right direction when it comes to manufacturing. It hones in on the process used at Sourcify , a platform that helps thousands of companies manufacture products. Economically speaking, it is always going to make sense to produce products abroad. This stems from the value of our currency, where the American Dollar is currently equal to 6.

The Complete Guide to Finding a Manufacturer to Make Your Product

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How to Find a Manufacturer or Supplier for Your Product Idea

Every day, new and experienced entrepreneurs ask me the question: "How do I find a manufacturer? What I've found is that it's somewhat like a treasure hunt--looking for that hidden jewel of a partner. If you're making a new invention--let's call it a "thingamajig"--you can't exactly open the phone book to find a company currently making "thingamajigs" and ask for a quote. Another frequently asked question is: "Should I produce my product here in the U.

Steve Jobs is — without doubt — one of the greatest founders and entrepreneurs of the past century. That, and some of the most stunning, minimally-designed, intuitive and user-friendly products ever made.

After all, fashion entrepreneurs from every corner of the globe are launching new online stores every day. Choosing whether to supply clothes to kids, adults, or even both, is a hard decision to make, and you may need some guidance starting this process.. One of the first questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about launching your own clothing business is: Do I really need to work with a clothing manufacturer?

How to Find a Manufacturer for Your Product

Since Advanced Search. Featured Listings.

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Developing an idea for a product is meaningless if you can't adequately produce it. Properly manufacturing your product requires an understanding of the design, materials and budget. For most businesses trying to turn ideas and prototypes into a tangible product, you'll need the help of a manufacturing facility, especially if you're trying to produce in bulk. Here's what you need to consider as you search for a factory to produce your product. Before you hire a factory and start producing your product, you need to take care of a few beginning steps.

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Written by Nathan Resnick. Want a heads up when a new story drops? Subscribe here. There are few things in entrepreneurship more exciting than seeing your ideas come to life in a tangible form. This step is also often the most nerve-wracking, and for good reason. Young entrepreneurs often underestimate the importance of finding the right manufacturers for their products. Once the development phase is over, they tend to jump at the first manufacturing opportunities that match their budgets without laying down some essential groundwork to ensure a seamless process.

Sep 11, - Before you hire a factory and start producing your product, you need to take care of a few beginning steps. Market research. Avoid manufacturing the product if customers aren't willing to buy it. Licensing. Build and test a prototype. Protect intellectual property.

If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account and what you can do next! Workers remove a coil from the production line for quality-control testing during steel production In , the manufacturing sector employed 12 million workers, but generated an additional Perhaps most important may be the higher wages it provides for blue-collar workers.

United States Manufacturer Directory

Where you manufacture your product is a big decision. What do you value? More importantly — what do your customers value, and what will they pay for? Let the data make this decision for you.

How to Find a Factory to Manufacture Your Product

You just need to know where to look. Before you start making phone calls however, you should take the time to do the preliminary work needed to answer the questions prospective manufacturers are going to ask. This work includes: designing your product, building a prototype to shake out all the kinks and prove your product works as designed, and protecting your idea by getting the patent process underway. The first step is to design your product.

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