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Glee fanfiction rachel and santana dating

Santana shoved her books into her locker and turned glare at the meathead clunking down the corridor towards her, his wavy hair glistening with grease and a glint in his eye that she didn't like the look of. I mean, really? Seriously, are you high? What part of this conversation gave you any cause to believe that I would ever, ever go out with you? And please be specific because obviously my rebuttal skills need serious work. Santana stopped a little way up the corridor trying desperately not to let his words have any impact on her posture, searching her brain to come up with a suitably smart and cutting response.

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Santana raised an eyebrow as she saw Rachel wearing her Britney Spears outift. I think we've gotten the formalities out of the way. Santana laughed. I'm not used to not spending Sundays cuddling with you at my house. You can't be all sweet and innocent while wearing that. Rachel started to answer, but was cut off as some guys walked up and tried to talk to her.

I don't like all of these guys checking you out. Santana quickly shook her head. Santana looked up from her salad and saw Rachel walking into the cafeteria.

She had changed out of her Britney outfit and into a simple outfit of jeans and a shirt. That makes you seem even hotter because you're the one she's dating. Quinn rolled her eyes. How do you think Rachel feels every single day? You're one of the hottest and most popular girls in school.

Every single guy wants to be with you. Santana bit her lip. Santana nodded. I mean, you looked good earlier too It doesn't matter what you wear, because it's just gonna end up being taken off of you anyway. The diva bit her lip to stop her smirk. Everyone thinks that they have a shot to take this uniform off and they don't. Santana smiled softly. Santana rolled her eyes, but nodded.

None of those guys could ever be as much fun while shopping as me. Rachel rolled her eyes and laughed. I want to take you home and get you out of those jeans. Rachel bit her lip and nodded. I don't know if this counts as inappropriate, but it's what I came up with! Please review and check back tomorrow for day two!

Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Glee. The diva smiled. Santana sighed playfully. Rachel smiled. Santana smiled.

I got jealous and I guess she decided to change her clothes. Rachel shrugged. Santana raised an eyebrow. Santana nodded and leaned in. Santana grinned and pulled Rachel out of the school. Innapropriate Flirting 2. Living Together 3. Nerd Santana and Popular Rachel 4. Celebrity Couple 5. Subtlety Fail 6. Meet The Parents 7. Free Day Proposal 8. Free Day Intoxication 9. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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The first few chapters are the one-shots that I have already written. I want to keep all of my one-shots together. Declarations of Love one-shots will be together in Declarations of Love. Opposites Attract one-shots will be together in Opposites Attract. All other one-shots will be together in this new collection of one-shots Together Forever.

Rachel was at her locker getting out her books for class when something caught the corner of her eye. A few lockers down stood the Latina cheerleader, Santana Lopez, with her back up against the locker and some jock standing over her obviously flirting with her, and by the smile on her face, she wasn't exactly discouraging him.

It had been just over a month since Santana and Rachel had started dating and, so far, things were going really smoothly. To her credit, Santana had mostly stopped making fun of Rachel. It still happened once in a while, but the tone of the teasing had become much more playful and, to be honest, Rachel didn't really mind it. Rachel, for her part, was becoming much more confident in her ability to stand up to bullying. Granted, she hadn't been slushied since Santana had made it crystal clear to the entire McKinley population that it wasn't to happen ever again.

Santana Lopez walked into Breadstix to see Rachel Berry sitting in a booth by herself. Looking around the restaurant, she saw that if she wanted to get seated anytime soon, she either had to sit with Rachel or at Finn, Quinn, Brittany and Artie's table. After standing at the table without acknowledgement, she cleared her throat. I'd rather eat with you. Santana shook her head. You guys are best friends. Listen, can we please just get through one meal together? If you're eating with me, nobody will notice that you're staring pathetically at Finn and Quinn, who seem to be having some kind of double date over there. Rachel looked away.

Disclaimer: Not mine. In a slight daze, Santana stares after Rachel, or more specifically, her legs before it occurs to her that it wasn't really settled. Santana and Rachel have been secretly dating for almost six months. Santana is worried about her reputation and Rachel is surprisingly okay with the secrecy.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

It was Sunday night and Rachel was on the phone with Santana. She was trying to find an outfit for tomorrow. Her phone was on the bed and Santana was on speaker, "San, should I go with purple argyle or my maroon knee length dress?

Santana raised an eyebrow as she saw Rachel wearing her Britney Spears outift. I think we've gotten the formalities out of the way. Santana laughed.

She had to get use to it but now she's happy that Brittany has somebody that she loves. Brittany and Quinn were in California Visiting Quinn's older sister who was getting married soon since it's summer. Finn is going to Stanford for football and writing, Kurt is older then Finn and he's almost done at Julliard in New York. Santana couldn't wait for her girlfriend to show up. Santana Lopez sat alone in the Uptown cafe working on some papers she got from her law workshop she went to a few weeks ago. She's wearing a pair if dark skintight skinny jeans, with a green low cut tank top that showed off her cleavage, a black jacket and black ugg boots, her jet black hair was down straightened and she had a little bit of makeup on.

За полтора метра до стеклянной двери Сьюзан отпрянула в сторону и зажмурилась. Раздался страшный треск, и стеклянная панель обдала ее дождем осколков.

Звуки шифровалки впервые за всю историю этого здания ворвались в помещение Третьего узла. Сьюзан открыла. Сквозь отверстие в двери она увидела стол.

Jan 14, - Santana and Rachel have been secretly dating for almost six months. Santana is worried about her reputation and Rachel is surprisingly okay.

Клушар, похоже, не расслышал. Глаза его отсутствующе смотрели в пространство. - Странное дело, ей-богу, все эти буквы - ни на один язык не похоже.

- Может быть, японский? - предположил Беккер.

Лишь один неверный шаг слишком уж настойчивой фирмы, и ключ будет опубликован, а в результате пострадают все фирмы программного обеспечения.

Нуматака затянулся сигарой умами и, выпустив струю дыма, решил подыграть этому любителю шарад. - Итак, вы хотите продать ключ, имеющийся в вашем распоряжении. Интересно.

Однако в дверях появился Стратмор. Бледная, жуткая в тусклом свете мониторов фигура застыла, грудь шефа тяжело вздымалась. - Ком… мандер! - вскрикнула она от неожиданности.  - Хейл в Третьем узле.

На экране стремительно сменяли друг друга цифры и диаграммы, как будто кто-то скользил рукой по клавишам управления. Несколько операторов очумело перебегали от одного терминала к другому, волоча за собой распечатки и отдавая какие-то распоряжения.

Я умер. Но я слышу какие-то звуки. Далекий голос… - Дэвид. Он почувствовал болезненное жжение в боку.

Ответ был очень простым: есть люди, которым не принято отвечать. - Мистер Беккер, - возвестил громкоговоритель.  - Мы прибываем через полчаса. Беккер мрачно кивнул невидимому голосу. Замечательно. Он опустил шторку иллюминатора и попытался вздремнуть. Но мысли о Сьюзан не выходили из головы.

Сьюзан посмотрела на. Сидя рядом с великим Тревором Стратмором, она невольно почувствовала, что страхи ее покинули. Переделать Цифровую крепость - это шанс войти в историю, принеся громадную пользу стране, и Стратмору без ее помощи не обойтись. Хоть и не очень охотно, она все же улыбнулась: - Что будем делать.

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