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How to find a medicine man

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Outside Oklahoma City, the day after Christmas, I found myself lying on a massage table draped in Native American quilts. No sooner had a bear blanket covered me than the Chickasaw medicine man began dusting my body with a feather covered in white sage powder. Through my squinted eyes, I could make out a chalky nimbus surrounding my torso and, past it, the rabbit and raccoon pelts against the yellow walls, the horns and hides, the copious dream catchers. I was not in a teepee, as I half expected when I made the appointment, but instead a mansion with fine cabinetry and plush furniture. Perhaps it's no surprise that my surroundings were so luxe: alternative medicine has reached an all-time high among ailing Americans. And it's not just hippies on podunk ashrams—the government, too, has taken note.


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Rolling Thunder: Native American Medicine Man

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Medicine Man. The Native American Medicine Man. Discover facts and information about the culture of Native American Indians and their belief in the concept of Shamanism and the role of the Medicine Man. A Medicine Man is a priestly healer and spiritual leader of Native American tribes who believed that physical nature might be brought under the control of man, in the person of a Medicine Man. Native American tribes adhered to a range of beliefs, ceremonies and rituals regarding communication with the spiritual world in which their religious leader enters supernatural realms particularly when the tribe is facing adversity or need to obtain solutions to problems afflicting the community including sickness.

Medicine Man Mystery The word 'medicine', associated with the Native Indians, means mystery and this word was applied by Europeans to anything mysterious or unaccountable. The Native Indians do not use the term 'Medicine Man' but in each tribe they have a word or term of their own construction that is synonymous with mystery or mystery man. The Medicine Man and Native American Beliefs The Medicine Man is believed to have a spiritual connection with animals, supernatural creatures and all elements of nature.

Spirits were believed to inhabit the rivers, lakes, mountains, trees, plants, sky, stars, sun, animals, insects, fish, flowers and birds. These beliefs, taken as a whole, have strong religious connotations. This belief system, and the role of the Medicine Man, is particularly associated with primitive cultures of hunter gatherers who believed that every natural object is controlled by its own independent spirit, or soul.

The good spirits helped men and the bad spirits were liable to wreck havoc and harm on people and their tribes. It is the bad spirits that cause trouble, suffering, sickness, death and disease.

When a man became ill it was believed that a bad spirit had entered his body and taken his soul away. It is therefore not surprising that the Native Americans would wish to gain power over these spirits. If a Medicine Man had control over the spirits he became extremely powerful. A Medicine Man would know protective chants and words and have a special knowledge of objects which he carried in a Medicine Bag and would disarm bad spirits and protect their owners. The Role of the Medicine Man The Medicine Man used appropriate words, chants, objects, dances and rituals to protect men from evil spirits - his role is that of opponent to the bad spirits and of guardian to the ordinary man.

The role of the Medicine Man differs from tribe to tribe as there are some regional and tribal variations to their beliefs in Shamanism. There are, however, several common roles that are shared by every Medicine Man.

A Medicine Man was a healer, communicator, educator, prophet and mystic:. They used dances, gestures and sounds as the symbolic powers of Medicine Man to enter the spirit world. The means and powers by which the Medicine Man practised his role included:.

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Native American Medicine

We are excited for this rare opportunity to offer individual session with a Native American Medicine Man. He was born in Arizona and raised by his family in the traditions of his people. He served as a translator for the Navajo elders in the legal battle for his family and community's right to remain on their ancestral homelands. In the aftermath of the Manybeads lawsuit, Tso continues as a carpenter, silversmith, rock carver, storyteller and teacher. His work as an activist continues on behalf of all people whose rights are being denied or questioned.

Once, there were many spiritual leaders on the Navajo Nation. But those numbers have dwindled. One of the survivors is an elder named Wally Brown, and he's determined to preserve the heritage of his people.

Medicine man , also called medicine person or healer , member of an indigenous society who is knowledgeable about the magical and chemical potencies of various substances medicines and skilled in the rituals through which they are administered. The term has been used most widely in the context of American Indian cultures but is applicable to many others as well. Traditionally, medicine people are called upon to prevent or heal the physical and mental illnesses of individuals as well as the social ruptures that occur when murders and other calamitous events take place within a community. Some medicine men and women undergo rigorous initiation to gain supernormal powers, while others become experts through apprenticeships; many complete a combination of these processes.

The shaman and the medicine-man.

When a non-Indian asks this question, I do everything possible not to burst out laughing. A few years ago, a cultural specialist for the tribe had a contact list of medicine men from across the Reservation who specialize in certain ceremonies. So as a Navajo, if you wanted to know who can perform a Beautyway ceremony from a certain region of the reservation, they would give you their name and possible, their contact information. But even if you do track one down, a medicine men might not speak English. How are they dressed? The older, traditional ones often wear a headband, a turquoise necklace, bracelet, and have their hair tied-up in a traditional hair bun. The younger medicine men, wear modern clothes, short hair, and usually have a cell phone at their side while performing ceremonies. Plus, they speak English and are more open to a conversation with you because they speak English. The Navajo people do have medicine women who perform ceremonies, but there are some they cannot conduct for traditional purposes known unto them and fellow healers.

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N ative American. I am of Cherokee descent. My Grandmother taught me to wildcraft. We have a rich resource of Native American tradition and knowledge in Oklahoma.

Origins The healing traditions of Native Americans have been practiced in North America since at least 12, years ago and possibly as early as 40, years ago.

Medicine Man. The Native American Medicine Man. Discover facts and information about the culture of Native American Indians and their belief in the concept of Shamanism and the role of the Medicine Man.

I Visited a Chickasaw Healer

Holy man lived by "hollow bone" philosophy - by Georgina Lynn Lightning Frank Fools Crow repeatedly said the more humble and unselfish a person is, the more willing Wakan Tanka and his helpers of the four directions are willing to work through them. Few holy people have been as open about their spiritual practices as Frank Fools Crow, the ceremonial chief of the Teton Sioux who allowed his powers to be written about in books by non-Native authors. Before he died at the age of 99 on Nov.

A medicine man or medicine woman is a traditional healer and spiritual leader who serves a community of indigenous people of the Americas. Individual cultures have their own names, in their respective Indigenous languages, for the spiritual healers and ceremonial leaders in their particular cultures. In the ceremonial context of Indigenous North American communities, "medicine" usually refers to spiritual healing. The terms "medicine people" or "ceremonial people" are sometimes used in Native American and First Nations communities, for example, when Arwen Nuttall Cherokee of the National Museum of the American Indian writes, "The knowledge possessed by medicine people is privileged, and it often remains in particular families. Native Americans tend to be quite reluctant to discuss issues about medicine or medicine people with non-Indians. In some cultures, the people will not even discuss these matters with Indians from other tribes.

Medicine man

B elow are some unique sites related to Native American Indians or their healing ways. Some are sites of friends or neighbors, and others are resources that I have found to be very creative, useful or comprehensive. If you wish to make a suggestion to add a site to this growing list, please contact us here. Each of us is given spirit gifts totems at birth to help us discover our path on the "Good Red Road. All members of creation - animals, plants and minerals - have unique characteristics, energies and lessons giving you direction. Your path consists of the gifts of those with whom you share the Earth combined with your choices and spiritual energies. This site contains wonderful digital creations by the DiscoveryPath artists, unique gifts, birth totem profiles and Native American creations. Aboriginal Native American Star Knowledge.

Jul 26, - How can I find information on my family Tribe without info from my family. I'm looking for a Native American Medicine Man that can possibly.

We will be staying in Flagstaff in August and one of our group members is very interested in speaking with a Medicine Man. The reason for this is to learn about how the native indians used and still uses herbs as medicine. Native medicine men are sacred to their tribes, most likely you will not find one unless you know people in the tribe. You can probably find more information on the internet than you will get from a native.

Private Healing Session With Navajo Medicine Man, Sam Tso

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But his family, friends, and tribal brothers and sisters—as well as the hundreds of people who've witnessed demonstrations of his remarkable healing power—know him as Rolling Thunder, a native American Indian and heir to a traditional role among his people: that of inter-tribal medicine man. In the manner of most such healers, Rolling Thunder deals more in matters of the spirit than of the flesh and—although he doesn't "do anything for show"—evidences of his ability have been said to astound the most skeptical of observers. For example, it's reported that several years ago Rolling Thunder agreed to conduct a healing ritual for a research group at the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In addition to curing three patients with documented medical histories who were selected beforehand by doctors at the conference , he treated a man who had severely crippled hands.

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