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You can produce this item through Cooking Utensils at your residence if your cooking level is Beginner Lv. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Support us on Patreon. Black Desert Online Database. Mild Date Palm Wine.

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You need at least Amity and 5 energy to be able to confess. After confessing, you will receive a reply to your confession via mail after the next maintenance. Confessions can be challenged by all adventurers. The lover is determined by rolling the dice based on the ratio of the total Amity of the people that have confessed to that NPC at the time of the selection.

Relationships are maintained for a week. During this period, the lover adventurer can not make additional confessions, but other adventurers can confess to that NPC. If you have the highest level of Amity with the NPC, your relationship will continue another week.

If Amity is low, a new lover is decided based on the above selection criteria again. If the NPC in the relationship becomes a lover of another adventurer, you will receive a farewell letter from the corresponding NPC. You can raise Amity the usual ways talking with them, greeting them , but you can also give them gifts. The amount of Amity you gain by giving gifts is proportional to that gift's value on the Marketplace.

The upper price limit is 50 millions. However, NPCs will refuse any items they deem too exorbitant. Each of them have favorite gifts you can give them for increased amounts of Amity. You need 5 energy for each gift you want to give. I didn't know you had feelings for me I can't even do simple alchemy yet.. I'm not as smart and pretty as my sister either. So, why For what reason? Nevertheless, I'm really happy!

I sound silly, right? Give me some time to think about it. I have spent nights thinking about your confession. However, I don't think I am ready. Only after I improve myself, will I be worthy of accepting your confession. With the current me, I am not worthy. I'm sorry. Oh no, I stole another person's heart. No matter how careful I am, it always happens. It's hard being so handsome.

I guess you fell deep for my charm? Hahaha, let's not rush. How are you doing? I still remember how embarrassed you were after you confessed your feelings to me.

Unfortunately, I don't feel the same way towards you. Besides, I just have too much on my hands at the moment. I am always busy supervising these workers. No, no, don't feel bad! I am certain that there is someone out there for you! Ah, I was slightly surprised. I was wondering why you would come to me so often to buy trade goods. I had a feeling that you liked me, but I didn't think it would actually be true. I was in a peculiar mood all day.

When I need to think, I check my trade goods to calm myself down. Let me go through my daily routine and think about your confession. I'm sorry I can't tell you this face to face. I've thought long and hard, but I will only be a burden to you.

I won't be sad even if you do not wish to see me ever again. I hope you find true happiness. Let me tell you the truth. I am used to this kind of situation. Adventurers from all over come visit the Valley Lily Inn and confess to me.

I thought you were the same as the rest of them. But, you visit me often and seem sincere. I can tell that you're different from the rest. I am pleasantly surprised. Thank you for your confession. I'll give you my answer soon. Truthfully, I don't want to date someone yet. I was a little shaken by your confession. It's not that I don't like you. But, I don't think it is the right time for me. There's too much work piled up at this inn and there are problems that I have to help solve for Lauren.

If I have a change of heart in the future and your feelings for me are still valid, that is when I wish to meet you. You are a reckless person. That was such a straighforward confession But, I can still feel your sincerity.

You seem like a good person. Yet, I'm not sure if I want to know the real you just yet. Let me think about this more carefully. Please understand, I am not like you. Give me some time to give you an answer. I have thought long and hard about this. Unfortunately, I don't think we are meant to be together. Please don't ask why. I believe some things are better left unsaid. I don't have any obligations to explain myself to you. What I do have to say, is in this letter.

It should give you an idea about why I no longer wish to see you. I need to go now. You're not someone from Calpheon right? I can't believe there's someone aside from Joel that would confess to me. As you can see, I am busy with work. Let me finish, calm down and think about what you said.

Thank you for telling me how you feel. However, I just can't picture us being together. I'll still help you repair your gear. However, I'd appreciate it if we keep our relationship strictly business. I hope you understand. I, Valks, am flattered that I have a spot in your heart. Now that I know how you feel, give me some time to figure out where I stand.

I want to know if I am a man who can fit into your ambitions, and if you can fit into mine. I'll think about it, but do not wait for me if I do not reply. I have thought about it deeply. My reputation in the Parliament and your reputation.

And the things that might happen when we are together. I was afraid. If we, one day, have to confront each other at the Parliament, I will end up losing both my love and a precious friend.

[Client] General Client Troubleshooting

You can increase Amity quickly by gifting Marketplace-registrable items to the NPC only items worth less than 50 million Silver. If you gift such an item, you will gain even more Amity. Gift giving will consume 5 Energy.

You need at least Amity and 5 energy to be able to confess. After confessing, you will receive a reply to your confession via mail after the next maintenance. Confessions can be challenged by all adventurers.

This article will contain general troubleshooting procedures and suggestions on a variety of common Client problems. The client has usually two states: it will work - or it won't. Once it's up and running, the issues that may pop up will mostly be related to external sources. A few things to look out for are:.

BDO Deve’s Encyclopedia: Adventure Log Bookshelf

Dulfy 6 Comments Jun 13, The idea is that you give gifts to a NPC anything that can be sold on the marketplace under 50 million and then gain amity with them until you reach amity with them. Once you reach that threshold,. However, whether or not you will get accepted depends on your amity with that NPC vs the amity of other players with the same NPC. The higher your amity is, the better chance of your proposal being accepted. Here are the NPCs you can date sorted by city with their favourite items listed. You can date NPCs of the same gender. Each gift you give to a NPC will consume 5 energy.

Mild Date Palm Wine

Does anyone else dislike this system? I honestly think it's a waste of Time and it's annoying. I was hyped for the update but the story has done nothing but annoy me as a player. Filling up Amity and building a Rowboat has been boring and drawn out Please I'd rather do fetch quest then do Amity.

Like many pc release date set for black spirit claw pieces.

You just have to have them in your inventory to show him. You get to keep all of the items. Changes the appearance of your helmet.

Black Desert Online Lets Players Gift Their Way To The Hearts Of NPCs With NPC Dating

Get the ancient coins from pirates if you have too. You can buy the silver Velia chair and turn it in. You can buy them from Annabella Belucci in Calpheon. If none is available from the MP gain 1k amity with the furniture vendors will open up the amity shop where you should be able to buy the beds from.

Халохот внимательно оглядывал согнутые спины. Он приготовился стрелять метров с пятидесяти и продвигался. El cuerpo de Jesus, el pan del cielo. Молодой священник, причащавший Беккера, смотрел на него с неодобрением.

Ему было понятно нетерпение иностранца, но все-таки зачем рваться без очереди.


Найти ее на одном из жестких дисков - все равно что отыскать носок в спальне размером со штат Техас. Компьютерные поисковые системы работают, только если вы знаете, что ищете; этот пароль - некая неопределенность. К счастью, поскольку сотрудникам шифровалки приходилось иметь дело с огромным количеством достаточно неопределенных материалов, они разработали сложную процедуру так называемого неортодоксального поиска. Такой поиск, по существу, представляет собой команду компьютеру просмотреть все строки знаков на жестком диске, сравнить их с данными громадного по объему словаря и пометить те из них, которые кажутся бессмысленными или произвольными.

Это сложнейшая работа, заключающаяся в постоянном отсеивании лишнего, но она вполне выполнима. Сьюзан понимала, что, по всей логике, именно ей предстояло решить эту задачу. Она вздохнула, надеясь, что ей не придется раскаиваться в том, чем она собиралась заняться. - Если все пойдет хорошо, то результат будет примерно через полчаса.

Apr 20, - On April 19th, a new system where you can date an NPC was added in Black Desert Online. You can give gifts to certain NPCs to build up.

Итак, каков следующий шаг. Он решил подумать об этом через минуту. Сейчас ему надо было совершить давно уже откладываемую прогулку в туалетную комнату. ГЛАВА 64 Сьюзан осталась одна в тишине и сумерках Третьего узла. Стоявшая перед ней задача была проста: войти в компьютер Хейла, найти ключ и уничтожить все следы его переписки с Танкадо.

Black Desert Patch Notes for 13.6.18 Patch: NPC Dating Patch

Для него важен был только один голос, который то возникал, то замолкал. - Дэвид, прости. Он увидел пятна света. Сначала слабые, еле видимые на сплошном сером фоне, они становились все ярче.

NPC Dating

Он не знал ни где он находится, ни кто его преследует и мчался, подгоняемый инстинктом самосохранения. Он не чувствовал никакой боли - один лишь страх.

Пуля ударила в кафельную плитку азульехо чуть сзади.


Да я бы ничего и не взял у умирающего. О небо. Только подумайте. Беккер встревожился: - Так кольца у вас. - Боже мой, конечно.

Стратмор на минуту задумался. - Не спрашивай меня, как это случилось, - сказал он, уставившись в закрытый люк.  - Но у меня такое впечатление, что мы совершенно случайно обнаружили и нейтрализовали Северную Дакоту.  - Он покачал головой, словно не веря такую удачу.  - Чертовское везение, если говорить честно.  - Он, казалось, все еще продолжал сомневаться в том, что Хейл оказался вовлечен в планы Танкадо.

Первое упоминание о меняющемся открытом тексте впервые появилось в забытом докладе венгерского математика Джозефа Харне, сделанном в 1987 году. Ввиду того что компьютеры, действующие по принципу грубой силы, отыскивают шифр путем изучения открытого текста на предмет наличия в нем узнаваемых словосочетаний, Харне предложил шифровальный алгоритм, который, помимо шифрования, постоянно видоизменял открытый текст.

Теоретически постоянная мутация такого рода должна привести к тому, что компьютер, атакующий шифр, никогда не найдет узнаваемое словосочетание и не поймет, нашел ли он искомый ключ.

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