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When a woman says i need you

Possibly the most well-written, and thoughtful response on here. Thank you so much. It means he needs you but more importantly he needs your butthole so he can make sweet love to it under the starlight. Learn more. For instance, as opposed to saying they "want you.

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What Women Say & What They Really Mean

Possibly the most well-written, and thoughtful response on here. Thank you so much. It means he needs you but more importantly he needs your butthole so he can make sweet love to it under the starlight. Learn more. For instance, as opposed to saying they "want you. Personally a guy once said he "needs" me. It wasn't a sexual reference, more so an emotional and purely intimate one, but I still find myself curious to know what he meant precisely. What does it mean "I need you? Share Facebook. Add Opinion.

Well I need you can mean various things. You made a good point in your detail the difference between needing and wanting someone however people tend to abuse the word "need". Like you said need can mean it's original meaning to rely on someone in a mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional context. But unfortunately as I mentioned before people may say need when they really mean want.

The only real way to tell is judging the statement. Think about who's telling you this and what are their motives. What's your relationship like? What are previous and following sentences? And it'll be pretty plain to see if they meant "need" or "want".

ObviouslyBored Xper 6. When someone says "I need you" then you are part of the daily structure of their lives. You provide emotional support that maintains their mental well being and they feel safe with you. We all need at least one pet, human that helps us maintain center. To be needed means that you have more value than you could ever fathom. You give them something that they feel gets them through the day sometimes.. He could have meant you wanted to be with you too.. As for me, it is the first step to your future relationship.

Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Logorithim Influencer. It's a more intense feeling than merely wanting.

There is a difference. It also means the same thing but sometimes it can be way more intimate than that. She needs you sexually and emotionally. I thought at first it was what you were asking and I like the answers you got along those lines.

Not saying this is the case here. But I keep all aspects of my social and work life active. Your life should never revolve around the needs and support of another. Would it end you if you guys broke up, probably for a little? Xper 7. I too believe there is a distinction. In my mind, "need" is very dependent. I want you around to be a part of it".

So I prefer "want" from a partner. Might be sexual, might be just emotional Depends from a guy to another Many guys would be thirsty and say it Me personally, I say it to my partner when I feel missing without her and need her with me, whether it's real life or just texting, I just want her attention or talk to her about anything.

Even though many people say "need" is about being serious and "want" is about lusting for sex, it's not necessarily like that. But it all depends on the context. Simple Need vs want. Vixysparx Xper 4. Basically the same thing just with more passion and emotion in the latter. More often than not, it means that his happiness depends almost entirely, if not entirely on your presence in his life.

It's up to you whether you interpret it as clingy and dependent, or sweet and endearing. It means emotionally the person is in trouble and while you've been asking this question that person has either had to painfully deal alone or done something stupid. So I hope your question was worth it.

Want you need you are slightly different but it differs from person to person and how and when they use it, it can be used at a time where the person wants you to be there with him just for support or he needs you to be there to actually help him. Well, I only ever said "I need you" meaningfully to one person and when I said it I meant that I couldn't keep holding on without them, I wanted them to be there and help me, I knew they'd be the only ones who really can do that.

I was very emotionally depented on that person, that everytime I felt bad, he was the only one who could make everything better. You me up for something he is missing in his life. What higher compliment could you ever receive? HaveQuestions Xper 6. Personally, need is not something I ever say lightly. Depending on someone for something is somewhat of a "sacred ground" thing for me, and it means you are in my inner circle.

To need is to rely on. Wanting is something you can do without. Endorphin Xper 6. Xper 5. Akorep Xper 2. It's more sexual, like a physical desire. I need to have you. It's just a stronger more emphatic version of I want you. Klaatu51 Master. Xper 6. Need is something you feel from your body like hunger and thirst. Even when it's not sexual the need for someone manifests through a phisical discomfort or a pain felt in some part of the body. He might want you, he doesn't know if he needs you but he's gotta find out.

I don't need a hamburger, when there is other food, but I want a hamburger right now, there. I need you means the person in question feels an emotional attachment to you. They feel close to you and lost when you are not present :. From emotional perspective, only a lonely person can say that. On the other hand, one can also say this to initiate a relationship with you to fulfil his own wishes. It completely depends on the guy and his circumstances.

He cannot manage without you. From a guy could mean he wants you to be his mother , look after him ….. They want some company or just need a friend to talk. ArmaniG Xper 1. They would be depressed and sad without you and feel that they couldn't get by without you there.

Means his life won't feel complete without you in it. A lot of guys say they need me and it's driving me insane. No I need you can be in many ways I want you usually means in a sexual way. Really weird comment!

That's all I can think of. ElloElloElloEllo Xper 5. He's an insecure pussy. Nobody should "need" anybody. Tell him to grow some balls. The sentiment is a bit stronger in Spanish when you say "Te quierro".

It technically could be used for both. They are completely different. Want doesn't entail need, need doesn't entail want.

What does it mean "I need you?" A different way of saying "I want you?"

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I understand the concept very well, as it was this idea that initially turned my world upside down. It makes us feel

There is a stereotype about women that they don't say what they really mean. In some cases, this is an exaggerated trope: women are certainly capable of being straightforward and direct, just as men can sometimes be waffly and imprecise. What's more, sometimes the idea that women don't say what they mean is a convenient excuse to ignore what they're actually saying, and can result in men being condescending and dismissive to women when they're speaking their minds. However, there is a sliver of truth to the idea that women communicate less directly, but it's not because they're trying to be difficult or obscure — it's because women are socialized to be more pleasant and conciliatory, and, bearing that in mind, there are a number of scenarios where indirect communication makes perfect sense.

What He Means When He Says, "I Need You", By His Zodiac Sign

There have been many books written about the ways men and women communicate. While men and women share much in common, they often express it a little bit differently. Women are more verbose in nature and men tend to use fewer words leaving women guessing at their end game or intentions. This article is written with the intention of breaking it down in simple terms of 7 common relationship phrases women and men use and what they really mean. While women often say what we mean, we sometimes include some extra sentences and actions, leaving our SO lost in the wind literally and figuratively. Men, on the other hand, may say less and show more with their actions, but with their limited communication can leave you struggling to understand their true intentions or stance on a matter. If you want to get it right, make sure you ask if she is sure and if there is hesitation in her response to you let her know if and when she is ready to get something off her chest, you are there to listen and support. By doing so, you will get major brownie points on this one. If there is something else to it, he will likely express it directly to you.

7 Common Phrases We Use In Relationships (And What They Mean To Women Versus Men)

Communicating your wants and needs in a relationship can be difficult to say and to understand, too. Even if your zodiac sign has a strong Mercury placement and you have no problems saying how you feel, each horoscope sign struggles when it comes to telling another person that they need them. When a man says, "I need you," it might make you wonder what he means. People show they care about the people they love in a number of ways. Just because saying "I love you" isn't your thing doesn't mean you don't still have a deep connection with someone.

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Why The Woman You Love Should Want You, Not Need You

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May 29, - Your friend might sense that you want the relationship to be more than platonic, but you won't actually say so, so she can't reject you outright.

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