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How to meet a guys emotional needs

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Your emotional needs are inner cravings that when they are satisfied, make you feel happy and content. When they are unsatisfied, you are left to feel both empty and frustrated. Understanding the biggest needs of men and women can totally change the dynamic and potential of your relationships. Ignorance is one of the mayor causes of failures in relationships.

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What Do Men Need in a Relationship?

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Photo Credit: Manchik Photography. Interpreting emotional cues is a constant source of struggle and consternation for those of us trying to have a meaningful connection with a member of the opposite sex. But, in the same way that women come with different personalities and strengths, so do the men in your life. If you find yourself struggling to connect with your boyfriend or husband, paying closer attention to these basic guidelines could be just the thing to help you bring out his emotional side.

Sometimes a guy just might need to be alone. But silence and isolation are not necessarily about being upset or angry. When men are presented with emotions they do not understand, it can cause them to get stressed. According to Dr. To give your guy some time to process, take a time-out. For us men, a time-out is about reflection and problem solving. We are working things through and simply need time so that we can concentrate, understand the emotion, and figure out the next step.

We are not necessarily running from the emotion; our brains just need more time to grapple with it. Be prepared for a time-out, not from the relationship—as marital counselor Peter McFadden points out —but from the issue.

Want to meet back here to talk things over at 5 p. This means that you might have to break down his emotional barriers with some simple nonverbal tricks. Whatever it is, the key here is letting him think or talk in a stance that makes him feel supported rather then confronted. When he feels his companion standing beside him, especially if he is going through a tough time, it builds trust and will bring you closer together.

On the other hand, if he feels disrespected, nagged, or put down, he will not want to be vulnerable or even come close to sharing his feelings. Be careful not to say anything that your man could take as an attack on his personality or character, as this will immensely hurt his feelings and make him retreat. It can be helpful to suggest change in behavior or action, but demanding it will turn constructive feedback into force.

As I noted above, men can often become silent not because they are upset but because they are simply trying to problem solve. Problem solving is one of the things we love the most; it gives us wonderful feelings of accomplishment and peace once a problem is fixed. Just as a woman often needs to off-load her feelings and talk about them, sometimes a man prefers to talk about facts and practical steps rather than how he is feeling.

This urge to problem solve is partly due to how our brains are constructed, according to Dr. Because of the predominantly left-sided connections in the male brain, men are wired for logical action.

This means that it takes us longer to transfer emotional data from one side of the brain to the other. Brizendine goes so far as to say that men are not necessarily less emotional or empathetic. This has the result of making men more action-oriented and prone to problem solving rather than discussion. The idea that talking will help seems so foreign to us. Help us problem solve and come to a decision during an emotional dilemma. Would that be helpful? In the end, this will help him immensely in starting to process his present feelings—and eventually being ready to share them.

Ladies, be patient with us. Even when we are ready to discuss our emotions, we might struggle to label them, and at times we can even mislabel them. This is all part of us processing emotional data. Rather than confronting our emotions directly, we might express them indirectly. In Dr. If we just received bad news, lost a job, or even lost a loved one, certain emotions can spill over and might become confused.

At this point, suggestions rather than directives are most helpful. Give him time. When we do talk, however brief it might be, we will need positive reinforcement. Simple body language such as nodding, smiling if appropriate to the situation , a consoling pat on the arm or back, or some affirming words can work wonders for us. The opposite is also true. So on the rare occasions that we do discuss our emotions, adverse reactions to what we share can lead us to not want to share in the future.

If someone criticizes our attempts at problem solving, it can make us feel hurt and unappreciated, says Dr. Shawn T. There are many ways to offer positive reinforcement. Build us up when we share, hear us out and listen, validate our feelings, focus on the positives, and communicate your support nonverbally through body language and facial expression. Men and women both want to be understood and loved.

We appreciate it, I promise! This may help you understand. Let's sift through the confusion and figure out what his true intentions are. Think again. Home Relationships. By Justin Petrisek.

Gentlemen Speak: The Best Ways to Understand (and Speak) a Guy’s Emotional Language

Photo by Stocksy. We all have emotional needs. But what exactly is the definition of an emotional need? Let's talk about examples of basic emotional needs, how to figure out what our own individual needs are, and how to get those needs met. Emotional needs are feelings or conditions we need to feel happy, fulfilled, or at peace.

Studies consistently show that men and women are not very different in their wants and needs. Perhaps there are differences, but science has not found a way to measure them.

We hear a lot of talk about the oppression of women, but do we really hear any talk about the oppression of men? Quite frankly, I never have. At least not in the way I'm about to explain. As a life coach and hairstylist for 25 years, I have had my share of up close and personal conversations with men.

Emotional Intelligence in Love and Relationships

Last week I posted an article about the basic emotional needs of women. I typically write articles that are directed toward men, but I get more feedback from women, either in the form of comments, Facebook Likes, or by email. So today, I want to talk about the basic emotional needs of men. For the women, hopefully this article will help you to better understand your man. Also, it is important to understand that the emotional needs of women from the previous article, and the emotional needs of men addressed in this article, are not exclusive to women and men, respectively. Also, there may be men who have an emotional need of commitment to family again, in the case that his wife works outside the home, and he is a stay-at-home dad. It is important to have a good understanding of all these needs, so that you are better able to meet those needs for your spouse. Shocking, I know!

Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person

In a marriage, both spouses have emotional needs that they desire to fulfill to feel balanced. And when it comes to the most important emotional needs of a spouse, men and women greatly differ from each other. By gaining an in-depth understanding of the emotional needs of a man, you can act as a better wife and thereby be better able to sustain the relationship. Instead, inside their hearts, they often worry whether they measure up and whether they are good at what they do for their women.

Here are seven things all men need in a relationship.

Photo Credit: Manchik Photography. Interpreting emotional cues is a constant source of struggle and consternation for those of us trying to have a meaningful connection with a member of the opposite sex. But, in the same way that women come with different personalities and strengths, so do the men in your life.

The 5 most important emotional needs of a man – Meet his needs

Are you single and looking for love? Are you finding it hard to meet the right person? Life as a single person offers many rewards, such as being free to pursue your own hobbies and interests, learning how to enjoy your own company, and appreciating the quiet moments of solitude.

A few weeks ago I posted a blog about 5 Qualities every woman should look for in a man. Contrary to what society wants to portray we are not these physical animals that only need sex, sustenance and sleep to survive. We have needs that extend beyond the physical. Now, once again, every man is different and each man could make a different list as far as what they look for in a woman. Okay I admit it; we men have fragile egos pray for us!

7 Things All Men Need Most In A Relationship (But Will Never Tell You)

For some reason, men have a hard time opening up emotionally. So the question is — are men really emotionally detached or are they just wired to not share their deepest and darkest with us women? From a guys perspective, they need to have it all together no matter what, so they detach from their feelings so that they CAN keep it all together. So why would he want to share that with you? A guy being transparent about such things is hard to come by — possibly because of the standard that society holds him to; possibly because you are unintentionally disregarding his feelings or giving him the impression that he HAS to hold it together — otherwise the family would fall apart. But the truth is, men have MANY feelings, and they translate into these emotional needs that people rarely talk about.

Nov 17, - We hear a lot of talk about the oppression of women, but do we really hear any talk about the oppression of men? Quite frankly, I never have.

The Emotional needs of a man is one of the most misunderstood emotions. Our emotions are a combination of a host of factors —mood, temperament, personality, motivation and disposition. That is to say that our emotions are a combination of mental activities and a degree of pleasure or displeasure.

Understanding Men Emotionally

Toggle navigation. Do you know what to do when your man suddenly pulls away? Why do men go into Emotional Hibernation?


Emotional intelligence EQ is the secret of lasting intimate relationships, largely because it makes us extremely aware of the changes—large and small—that are constantly occurring in ourselves and others. We have the potential to attain the kind of love we all dream of—deep intimacy, mutual kindness, real commitment, soulful caring—simply because of empathy, our innate ability to share emotional experience. We have the potential to attain the kind of love we all dream of —deep intimacy and mutual kindness, real committed, soulful caring—simply because of empathy and our innate ability to share emotional experience.

You may feel that your spouse is not meeting your emotional needs.

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