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How to meet a perfect neighbor

Samara Weaving , who stars in Ryan Murphy 's new Netflix series, " Hollywood ," had a very unusual audition experience. Watch the video. Young-nam was a promising graduate of the police academy before she was transferred to the small seaside village, as a result of misconduct. On her first day in the village, she encounters Following the

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How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor

This show started off really strong. The very first scene shows a woman being murdered. Everything else spins out from there. It was a little surprising how dark it was at the beginning considering the fact I had sat down expecting to see a romantic comedy. I liked how the mystery was set up.

Every episode revealed a little bit more. It was with this show where I first started to enjoy my Kdramas with a bit more meat on them. I really enjoyed the heroine Jung Yoon Hee. She was fun and spunky. I loved her tell it like it is ways and her unapologetic view of herself. The actress was great—and so pretty! The evolving relationship between her and Baek Soo Chan was a lot of fun.

At first she is suspicious of him, as he is a player who her sister is smitten with. Then as a challenge he turns on the charm and sneaks under her radar and plays her too. Sounds jerky, but she gets hers and he hits rock bottom pretty quickly.

Then they grow into close friends and confidants. Which is why this relationship is so well written. They start out as adversaries and while helping each other overcome obstacles in their lives, become closer and closer.

This is also why all the promotional materials show them all snuggly together, surrounded by the rest of the cast. However, part way through the show it was decided, partly due to fan reaction, that she should not end up with Soo Chan but with her boss, Yoo Joon Suk. When I first watched this, I agreed whole heartedly. However, during the show and especially now looking back on it, I really feel like this was the wrong choice for the characters.

I wonder how far the writers got before making the decision. As the show goes on Soo Chan and Yoon Hee have a great story arc. They are clearly set up to be the leads. Not to mention the fact Joon Suk treats Yoon Hee like crap. Yes, I understand he is in a terrible situation.

But it seemed like this guy was gut-wrenching sobbing all the time. Other ways he treats her like crap? Seems nice, right? He takes her out, purchases her a dress, lets her get all dressed up purdy, takes her to the opera, meets his ex-girlfriend, then proceeds to spend the rest of the night being embarrassed by Yoon Hee and her exuberance.

Later when she falls right in front of his ex-girlfriend actually in front of everyone he is so embarrassed he leaves her there. The actress played this so well. He needs to get away and leaves her on the side of the road to find her own way home.

Man, nothing says romance like being dumped out like trash. I can totally understand what she sees in him. Then it gets even better. Thinking this reminds you of Mr. Good question. His solution to the situation of being pressured into marrying one girl while in love with someone else? Ask Yoon Hee to be his concubine mistress.

With all his tears and actions, you do know he loves Yoon Hee—but is that enough? And can you really love someone and ask them to live that sort of lifestyle?

She would be compactly ostracized. No woman would want to be her friend. People would look down on her. She would bring great shame to her family. Any children they had would be illegitimate, which in the US no longer carries the stigma it used to, it still does in Korea. Yoon Hee loves Joon Suk enough to do it. Her character really takes a hit as the show goes on. Would the spunky, klutzy, outspoken character at the beginning, have let herself go through what she does?

Once Joon Suk gets his way and Yoon Hee agrees to become his concubine, he still acts in some of the same crappy ways.

He informs her she will need to wear what he wants her to wear, she will need to be smarter, learn several languages, and even have charm and etiquette classes. During this time, Yoon Hee has one friend—and this is before what the couple plans to do gets out—Soo Chan.

He is her confidante and her loyal friend. He is her defender and sounding board. Why do I bring this up? She does this because everything Soo Chan is for Yoon Hee, she is for him. There were a lot of characters to keep track of and the writers were pretty skillful in giving everyone proper motivation.

There are no cardboard characters here. Not only is there a lot of charaters to keep track of, there is a lot of plot. Part of the show is a mystery. Who killed the lady at the beginning? Why was she killed? How is she related to all these characters? Then there is the romance between Yoon Hee and Joon Suk hrumph.

This also takes place in the fishbowl of a residential culls-de-sac thanks Gilmore Girls for educating me on how to spell this. Everyone is connected to everyone else and stories and conflicts rise from there. This is escalated when you find out that this is all housing for people who work for the construction company owned and run by Joon Suk. The one downside to having all these storylines, is I felt that too much relied on coincidence.

At the beginning, everyone just happens to be vacationing together? At least Yoon Hee and her sister were actually there because her sister was stalking Soo Chan—they had a reason to be there at the same time.

Yang Duk Gil flies to Thailand to meet a potential bride, is on the same flight with Soo Chan who owes him money? Soo Chan also has an encounter with this woman on his vacation. He fishes her out of the water after her boyfriend tries to kill both of them when she breaks up with him. She has to break up with him so she can get engaged to Joon Suk She frees herself and when Soo Chan rescues her, she tells him she was the only person in the car, effectively killing the boyfriend.

It only grows once they all get back to Korea. Coincidence upon coincidence mounts until it seems like every person and plotline are all tangled within a single web. Interesting yes. Once again, I have to give props to the writers for keeping everything clear and understandable. This story makes it seem like only this small neighborhood exists.

You know what? After all this? I hope people do see this. But everyone has their purpose, be it to move the plot forward, or to provide motivation and understanding into some pretty awful situations and characters.

In a writing class I took once we had an assignment, write a short story making an unsympathetic character sympathetic. This show is filled with these sort of characters. Everyone who should be happy is happy and even the wrong-doers are both punished and regretful.

I really would have had to have disliked this show otherwise. Writers, please take note! Do what is right and makes sense for the characters. Or at least eventually come to terms. I love you, now change. Yes, even Joon Suk. Like this: Like Loading No Comments.

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How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor Review (SPOILERS)

This show started off really strong. The very first scene shows a woman being murdered. Everything else spins out from there. It was a little surprising how dark it was at the beginning considering the fact I had sat down expecting to see a romantic comedy. I liked how the mystery was set up.

Baek Soo Chan has nothing in his hands but he lives a life under the belief that he will become the man any woman who sits next to him wants. However, his belief is questioned when he starts to realize true love. A professional con-man, a successor to the company, a lawyer and her meddling assistant.

Baek Soo Chan has nothing in his hands but he lives a life under the belief that he will become the man any woman who sits next to him wants. However, his belief is questioned when he starts to realize true love. He goes absolutely crazy! His once blissful life of messing around with women has become something of the past every since Yoon Hee started to make snide remarks as she tries to protect her older sister from being trapped by his playboy ways.

How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor

The romantic comedy series was partially filmed in Cambodia , the first time for a Korean drama to be shot in that country. Baek Soo-chan is a playboy infamous for manipulating women. After meeting Jung Yoon-hee and her older sister Mi-hee on vacation, he puts the moves on them as usual, but Yoon-hee sees right through him, and tries to keep him away from her naive sister. Fate draws them together again, however, when back in Korea, Soo-chan ends up living next door. Meanwhile, Yoon-hee begins working as secretary to Yoo Joon-seok, the new president of her company. Forced to come back and take over their family business when his father suddenly collapsed, Joon-seok shoulders the burdens of corporate responsibilities and of trying to please a father who has never shown him any affection. At first the perfectionist Joon-seok clashes with his quirky secretary, then gradually begins to fall for her. But Joon-seok's arranged marriage to Go Hye-mi, an heiress, is already being planned. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Profile. Drama: Perfect Neighbor; Revised romanization: Wonbyeokhan Yioteul Mannineun Beom; Hangul: 완벽한 이웃을 만나는 법; Director: Jo Nam-Guk.

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