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McCauley Columbia University Press. The people who shaped America's public broadcasting system thought it should be "a civilized voice in a civilized community"—a clear alternative to commercial broadcasting. This book tells the story of how NPR has tried to embody this idea. Michael P. McCauley describes NPR's evolution from virtual obscurity in the early s, when it was riddled with difficulties—political battles, unseasoned leadership, funding problems—to a first-rate broadcast organization.

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A Peabody Award-winning public radio show and podcast. What does it mean to be human? How do we want to live? And who will we be to each other? Each week a new discovery about the immensity of our lives. Hosted by Krista Tippett. On Being with Krista Tippett airs on more than public radio stations across the U. None of us would have guessed that within a handful of days such an event would become unimaginable. So this conversation holds a last memory before the world shifted on its axis.

More stunning is how exquisitely Ocean Vuong spoke on that day to the world we have now entered — its heartbreak, its poetry, and its possibilities of both destroying and saving. Living the Questions is an occasional On Being segment where Krista muses on questions from our listening community. Submit your own at ltq onbeing. One of the great challenges of life is to learn to be alone peaceably, at home in oneself.

With teachers across the ages and drawing on his life from monasticism to marriage, Buddhist writer and scholar Stephen Batchelor teaches how to approach solitude as a graceful and life-giving practice. In this intimate conversation between Krista and one of her beloved teachers, we ponder the world and our place in it, through sacred text, with fresh eyes.

To a question from listener Elena Rivera of Colorado Springs, Krista reflects on seeing this as a collective moment of transition which is always stressful in human life and ponders what we might integrate into the people we become on the other side of it.

David Steindl-Rast, who makes useful distinctions around experiences that are life-giving and resilience-making yet can feel absurd to speak of in a moment like this. A Benedictine monk for over 60 years, Steindl-Rast was formed by 20th-century catastrophes. Ai-jen Poo is a next-generation labor organizer who co-founded a beautiful and muscular movement with caregivers and those who employ them: the National Domestic Workers Alliance. For over two decades, she has been reinventing policy and engaging a deep conversation that has now met its civilizational moment.

But the many dimensions of the crisis now upon us have revealed Ai-jen Poo and her world of wisdom and action as teachers for our life together, in and beyond it. As Anna Bondoc from Los Angeles wrote to us: So many of us are raised to believe that hard work is what makes us valuable; many of our professions and even our identities as helpers are on hold.

Among them is this conversation with writer Ross Gay. The ephemeral nature of our being allows him to find delight in all sorts of places especially his community garden. To be with Gay is to train your gaze to see the wonderful alongside the terrible; to attend to and meditate on what you love, even in the midst of difficult realities and as part of working for justice. A singular writer and thinker, Solnit celebrates the unpredictable and incalculable events that so often redeem our lives, both solitary and public.

She searches for the hidden, transformative histories inside and after events we chronicle as disasters in places like post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. Rovelli is one of the founders of loop quantum gravity theory and author of the tiny, bestselling book Seven Brief Lessons on Physics and The Order of Time.

Sociologist Nicholas Christakis says we come to social goodness as naturally as we come to our bloodier inclinations. Scientists in the field are using telescopes and satellites looking for signs of outright civilizational intelligence.

One of the founding pioneers in this search is astronomer Jill Tarter. The wise and beloved Vatican astronomer Father George Coyne died last week. Like most of the Vatican astronomers across history, he was also a Jesuit.

More than 30 objects on the moon are named after the Jesuits who mapped it and ten Jesuits in history have had asteroids named after them. Father Coyne was one of the few with this distinction, alongside his friend and fellow Vatican astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno. In a conversation filled with laughter, we experience the spacious way the two of them approached life, faith, and the universe. Cisneros grew up in an immigrant household where it was assumed she would marry as her primary destiny.

In this warm and lively conversation with a room full of Latinx teens, she gives voice to the choice to be single — and, single or not, to know solitude as sacred. And he describes how we all — Democrat and Republican, journalist and citizen alike — walked into this as a way to trace our steps out of it. Nelson is a poet and professor and contemplative, an excavator of stories that would rather stay hidden yet lead us into new life.

Together, they venture unexpectedly into the hospitable — and intriguingly universal — form of poetry that is prayer. When she first trained in philosophy and developmental psychology, the minds of children were treated as blank slates.

But her research is helping us to see what even the most mundane facts of a toddler or a teenager — from fantasy play to rebelliousness — might teach us about what it means to be human. The Pause is our Saturday morning newsletter, a gathering of threads from the far-flung, ongoing conversation that is The On Being Project. S tay up to date with our latest podcasts, writings, live events, and more.

New Here? New to On Being? Start Here. On Being with Krista Tippett Subscribe. April 28, Living the Questions How can we balance connection with disconnection? Listen Download Transcript. April 14, Living the Questions How can I find my footing in a shifting world? The Pause Step away from the week with us. Read Essays Poetry. Collapse Episode Details. Backward 15 seconds Play Forward 15 seconds. Close Player. Full Menu Search On Being.

Who is (not) a citizen?

Up to Date focuses on pressing issues, both local and national, including politics, economics, planning and design, history and entertainment - topics that have an impact on the lives of the Greater Kansas City region. Given the circumstances surrounding coronavirus and KCUR's role in keeping the community as updated as possible with credible and consistent information, Central Standard and Up To Date are combining resources to bring you daily updated coverage beginning each weekday morning at 9 a. To signup for the Kraske Off Mic newsletter, click or tap here.


This includes WPSU events. For questions, please contact us at wpsu psu. For the latest updates and information, visit: sites. As teachers, students, and families deal with school closures, WPSU and PBS have come together to curate a special collection of educational resources. Speaking Grief explores the transformative experience of losing a family member in a grief-avoidant society.

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Eclectic Apr Her character runs a record shop, makes top-five lists, and tries to figure out her love life. KCRW's signature daily music show. New releases, live performances, and interviews. Los Angeles is having an identity crisis. City officials tout new development and shiny commuter trains, while longtime residents are doing all they can to hang on to home. Future beats and a mind-melting mix of fuzz, bass, and funk. Served fresh every weeknight.

States against NPR query on parents’ birth date, place

Visit The Story web site to listen to this program and for more details, archives, show highlights and more podcasts. It may return at a later date. In the last show of WUNC's The Story, we check in with guests who came on the program at moments when their lives were in transition. Today, after much difficulty, we find her back in Mexico. The program's host, Dick Gordon, is leaving the station after eight years with the nationally distributed show.

NPR, first phase of Census likely to be deferred. No document to be collected during NPR update: Government.

It will be held simultaneously with the house-listing phase of the Census It has also stated that the same questions were a part of the NPR forms of as well. For parents living elsewhere or expired at the time of enumeration, only the names of parents were collected.

Marketplace Morning Report - Daily News Podcast

These are first-hand accounts from inside the jail. Chicago cabbies, indebted from inflated medallion prices and rideshare competition, now have even fewer people to drive around. Funeral director Spencer Leak Jr. No gym?

Jump to navigation. November 27 last year, Bangladesh cricketer Saif Hasan was at the Kolkata airport, waiting to fly back home after a Test series in India, when he realised to his horror that his visa had expired two days back. He had to pay a fine of Rs 21, to get exit clearance. Now here's the rub. If Hasan had not been a Muslim, he could have got away with a fine of just Rs

Parents’ date, place of birth essential for back-end data: Centre on NPR

First dates are already awkward enough. Now imagine having the date recorded and photographed. The series, What Makes Us Click , explored how dating has evolved as apps and websites have grown more popular. At the time, McClain was frustrated with online dating, so she turned to a modern matchmaker. McClain's date with Biely, director of e-commerce at Goodwill Southern California, was her first and only!

Up to Date focuses on pressing issues, both local and national, including politics, economics, planning and design, history and entertainment - topics that have.

A Peabody Award-winning public radio show and podcast. What does it mean to be human? How do we want to live?

On Being with Krista Tippett

Guam , Puerto Rico ,. NPR differs from other non-profit membership media organizations, such as AP , in that it was established by an act of Congress [2] and most of its member stations are owned by government entities often public universities. It serves as a national syndicator to a network of over 1, public radio stations in the United States. NPR produces and distributes news and cultural programming.

Участники движения за гражданские свободы торжествовали и настаивали на том, что АНБ ни при каких обстоятельствах не должно читать их почту. Программы компьютерного кодирования раскупались как горячие пирожки. Никто не сомневался, что АНБ проиграло сражение.

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Дверцы автобуса открылись, но из него никто не вышел. Дизельный двигатель взревел, набирая обороты, и в тот момент, когда автобус уже готов был тронуться, из соседнего бара выскочили трое молодых людей. Они бежали за уже движущимся автобусом, крича и размахивая руками. Водитель, наверное, снял ногу с педали газа, рев двигателя поутих, и молодые люди поравнялись с автобусом. Шедший сзади, метрах в десяти, Беккер смотрел на них, не веря своим глазам. Фотография внезапно обрела резкость, но он понимал, что увиденное слишком невероятно.

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