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Best places to meet with clients

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If you run your business from the comfort of your home office, then you know that it can be a challenge to successfully arrange a meeting with clients. Where is the best place to meet in order to develop further credibility and build your business in a focused, professional environment? There are countless places to chat with clients or conduct group meetings, but they are not all created equal. Here are the main locations to avoid if you want to grow your company in a safe, productive way:. You take your company seriously and your meeting space should come across just as seriously. Another problem with a bustling coffee shop is the lack of confidentiality.

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Five Places to Meet Clients Outside the Office | TravelResearchOnline

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An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive lens. Leaders who are shaping the future of business in creative ways. New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system. Where the jiggins do you meet when you work from home? Maybe you designate the utility room as a conference room, with Danish pastries and coffee on top of the ironing board.

I have spent the past three years working for companies with people I have never met in my life. Sad, but true. For the daily office banter, we use Campfire, where we can sling our bons mots at our co-workers in an attempt to put them off their strokes.

Meetings are usually done over Instant Messaging, where we can discuss secret projects, bitch, moan, and get more time-consuming projects, such as copy editing features, done without clogging up the board. But there are times when only a face-to-face will do.

Remember that a meeting gives a potential client—or an existing one—more of a handle on you and your business than any phone call or email. After all, tidy desk means tidy mind—or something. If the contents were minimal and organized, they got the job. Au revoir. So, here are five places where you can meet—and five that I would really recommend you avoid, unless you want to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in This is a great option if your business makes enough money for you to justify club fees.

It reflects a great image for you and your firm—namely that you are successful, professional, and a details person. And restaurants? There are, of course, several reasons why meeting people in your home office are a win-win situation for you. Downsides are—unless, of course you are a natural at the spick and span—putting your house in order every time someone turns up. I had a most disconcerting experience last year, when a boss dropped in at my house to ask if he could use my house for a conference call, as both of his meeting rooms were busy.

If you only have occasional meetings, then this is could be a great option. Those of you with philanthropic chums who have a largish office at their disposition, then start sucking up now. Those of you whose friends are slightly less philanthropic but still blessed with an all-singing, all-dancing workplace, may want to offer a service up in return. Many small businesses rely on mutual favors and backscratching to keep costs down. To refresh your memories:.

Where shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning or in rain? Where the place? Upon the heath. There to meet with Macbeth. Well, where else would a trio of weird sisters meet—Starbucks? Location is everything, but with this option, so is the weather. But a walk in the park is a great option. I spent six months editing a B2B Web site, and would frequently meet up with the proprietor for a cappuccino and a perambulation in Hyde Park.

It also meant that I could multi-task, and give the dog a walk. Unless, of course, your business is rehab centers, in which case why would you be working from home? Do you like the way you look after a five mile gallop on the treadmill? Add to that the fuggy smell of steroidy man-sweat, the tasteless Lycra outfits and the tinny turbo-rave music, and, well, I think I need to lie down.

A little anecdote for you. A long, long time ago, I edited a music fanzine in Paris. Sure thing he said, turning an appreciative eye on me. Down to the lobby he comes. My hotel room is at your disposal. It was to no avail. Reader, you can imagine what happened next.

Earnest little me, 20 years old, with a list of questions and a dictaphone, perched primly on a chair. Lascivious gym-bunny record changer lounging on the bed. I get to what I think is my most profound question—how did the works of Alvin Toffler change his ethereal music into something tougher? Turning my recorder off, he looked me deep in the eyes and suggested I grab hold of his, um, dictaphone instead.

Exit Addy stage left, pursued by a bear. If your business is baggies filled with noxious smelling herb, or guns, or illegally-harvested kidneys, then go right ahead. Feel free, however, to drop them off at their office, or a train station, after your meeting of minds.

Should you have a chauffeur-driven Maybach, however, then who am I to tell you what to do? In fact, why are you even reading this? Read More of The Home Office. Citrix MailChimp. Events Innovation Festival The Grill. Follow us:. By Addy Dugdale 7 minute Read. Home There are, of course, several reasons why meeting people in your home office are a win-win situation for you. To refresh your memories: Where shall we three meet again? No Rehab Unless, of course, your business is rehab centers, in which case why would you be working from home?

A hotel room A little anecdote for you. Car If your business is baggies filled with noxious smelling herb, or guns, or illegally-harvested kidneys, then go right ahead.

Your bedroom. What did you say your occupation was again? Design Co.

Where to Meet Clients When You Work From Home

When you're entertaining clients in your city, it's easy to suggest the best museums to go visit, the most relaxing bars to have a drink at, and what meal at your favorite restaurant is a must-have. However, when you're on a business trip and you have to host a meeting and entertain your client, it's a lot harder to know what's the best place to go, especially if you've never been to that particular city. This used to be a major problem for me, trying to find an appropriate place to work while still being in a professional environment. However, with the growth of remote careers, hosting a last minute business meeting in Colchester, England isn't much different from hosting one when in San Francisco.

If you are struggling to find your next lead, maybe you are investing in the wrong method. Leads are possible to get and there are clients for everyone, even if it may not seem that way right now. Your best bets are marketing methods like Facebook paid ads, SEO, and referrals.

May 24, Holding meetings with clients is a given. But where you meet can make a big difference. Making space.

Don’t Want to Meet Clients at Home? 8 Other Alternatives

Choosing a fine dining restaurant is usually the way to go to make a good impression. But then, there are also times when you want something more fun and less formal to impress your quirky client. Muse Projects who provides a selection hot and cold teas. As it is not officially a cafe, the salon operates on tips alone. Check out the coffee table books around the salon for inspiration. A cafe and retail space , modeled after Californian boutiques. Small bites include open-faced toasts and sandwiches made in collaboration with Park Bench Deli.

Best Off-Site Meeting Locations

Indianapolis is home to some wonderful locally owned coffee shops. For local clients, I always suggest meeting at a coffee shop that is a good half way point for the two of us. Why coffee shops? Because they are a neutral ground, whether you like coffee, tea, smoothies, juice-there is something for everyone!

Everyone will tell you that making a good first impression with a prospective client is essential.

An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive lens. Leaders who are shaping the future of business in creative ways. New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system. Where the jiggins do you meet when you work from home?

Where to Meet Clients When You’re on a Business Trip

Holding a professional meeting is not easy when your desk is next to the laundry. Home-based entrepreneurs often face the dilemma of where to meet with clients when they want a clear distinction between their work space and their living space. Thankfully, small business owners with all levels of revenue can choose from several locale options for client meetings.


The owner of a homebased business approached me after a speech to ask, "How do I keep clients from coming to my home? I've printed my address on all my materials, but I am raising my children by myself. I need to find some really good places to meet with clients! The reclusive actress Greta Garbo once said, "I just want to be left alone. We're glad to be available by phone, e-mail, instant messaging and so on.

Where Do Lawyers Prefer To Meet With Clients?

But office rentals can be expensive for a practitioner starting out, and clinic contracts can be intimidating. Here are some amazing meeting locations that will create a great client experience! Services like a pantry cleanout or meal-prep session can be a great way to get hands-on with your clients. Best practice for in-home nutrition consulting is to bring a few bags of tea you can sip together and even a healthy snack to share while you sit at their kitchen table and pick out recipes for their meal plan. Offering grocery store tours is a great way to meet with clients and have discussions that lead to positive action. You can offer this service as a standalone, or part of an overall wellness package. Teach them the basics about label reading, show healthier options, and share your favourite brands. Some grocery stores even have a cafe or sit-down area where you can sit and grab a fresh juice or tea to summarize your session and outline next steps.

Oct 9, - When the moment arrives that you need to meet with a client, host a meeting, or even run a seminar, coming up with an answer to the simple.

Many independent travel agents do not have offices that are open to the public. So what is the travel agent to do when a sit-down with a client is a better option than phone or email? Luckily, just about every city and town has a few choice places to meet at no cost that can be excellent places to conduct business. Where you ultimately choose is dependent on your needs.

No Office? Here are 5 Professional Places to Meet With Your Clients

If like me you work from home and are looking for somewhere quiet, with good coffee and a bit of privacy to have an initial meeting or catch up with a client or supplier, here are a few tried and tested suggestions in and around Milton Keynes. In my opinion the coffee is great, parking is free, the decor is modern with good notebook and laptop bearing tables. Plenty of space and privacy, no big queues and you are likely to have a few other meetings go on around you. Up above the treadmills and walking shoes is a large and airy Costa.

My Top 10 Favorite Places to Meet Clients | Indianapolis Area Coffee Shops

Here are a few ideas for professional locations for your next client meeting. With the rise of the Internet, running a business out of the house has become increasingly common. While working inside the comfort of your own house does offer a number of benefits — it certainly makes your commute quick and easy — the practice does present problems when it comes to meeting clients.

On the road you want to pick a spot that is relaxed, but also professional, has preferably free!

A few weeks ago I asked lawyers how they preferred to communicate with their clients. The overwhelming response was email. Which completely makes sense. But sometimes you do need to meet with clients face-to-face.

Get Your Army of Advocates

While most small business owners are satisfied with operating their start-ups within the confinements of their own home, that doesn't mean that they're necessarily comfortable with opening their doors and using their living room to meet clients, investors, and customers. Your home may be cramp and small; you may have a large family roaming around at all times which can sometimes be seen as unprofessional , or you may have an unkempt home office. Whatever the case, there are still some viable options to consider when trying to determine an alternate location or meeting spot. All you need to do is buy some beverages one for you and your client , and you can use the space for as long as you'd like. Of course, there is a downside to popular retail chains like Starbucks —depending on which time of the day you decide to meet, you may very well have to fight for a seat. Or, you may end up at one of those teeny tiny round tables that only have enough space for your smartphone and cup of coffee. Not to mention it can get pretty noisy with all of the incoming customers.

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