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After the Oxford comma debate and the death knell of the period , the latest mark to define and divide us — breaking up our thoughts, adding emphasis to our convictions, alternately vexing and delighting readers — is the em dash. For some writers, the em dash is a vice that their editors occasionally forgive but more often forbid. Sometimes it indicates an afterthought. You might call it the bad boy, or cool girl, of punctuation. A freewheeling scofflaw.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Cam'ron - Get Em' Girls [HD Original Version]

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Jessica Mauboy - Get 'Em Girls ft. Snoop Dogg

Here are 14 best tweets this week because why not?

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Get Em Girl. Em Girl. Lash Boost. Improvise Adapt. Get Em. Not Happy. On It. Get Em Girl: Get em girl. Get Em Girl: feeling pissed his Yesterday at Legit just knocked a dude out for cat calling me.

Fuck that noise girl I was already in a bad mood and that just set me off given. Assault is funny. Well in the past you have so l'm just ghost him wasnt? It sounded extremely sarcastic I'm O Reply not dumb. Your comment just sounded really sarcastic, and isn't the ghost 0C but if when I said that someone but from the 50s else's oc came to mind then maybe Hey, I saw that J commented on your post sorry haha I'm dumb I type like that always,,. Is something up between you two? So what if it looks like onot the same universe, don't even interact.

So it doesn't really matter a lot of ocs not everyone who talks to you is trying to attack you I respect that looks like that. I just like freckles and sweaters, and I've never given any of my characters a pixie cut, or blue hair.

For context, this is something ive been wanting to post for literal months but didnt because I was hoping we could work through this but she's blocked me on everything and turned my only friends at the school against me.

Now I don't go there. Fair's fair. These are the 0Cs the despuite is about mine is on the right and I had him for over a year at that point. T see you, sis. Soan Write a message Write a message I'm not changing who she is but what she looks like. Tgot sent IoMe thira perndu because I couldn't stop crying, so, I can kind of relate if you want to talk Look I've just been having a rough day and don't want to deal with this right now.

I'll unblock J comment again if wants probably not tho I'm just a bit untrusting towards a lot of people right now. I need some sleep, have a good night I don't think it does?? It's Sorry maybe it's just my trust issue with just sounded off to me, but I could just be paranoid. I don't want to get caught up in that mess again just a normal design Sorry if it seemed rude, I just have trust issues with Tnow J Zero fs are given ah yes, we bullied her into changing the character, of course.

Just name of a super nice mutual 42w bossing me around during Dance and this girl named belittling me during Trapeze so I got really upset about it since it's been very continuous, nothing super bad but I'm still bugged by it. This felt like a bad divorce Imao This 'trust issues' thing pisses me off as they only ever fought because L was shitty to me and J aotually bothered to stick up for me before I learned to handle it on my own Okay, sleep well!! Also if you are Okay, but when did mention o I thought just mentioned things about the design in general was removed.

Not to one of the people harassing this OC and better square the FUCK up I will fight you Rip me thinking I could fix this lol mention neither of us ever you OC Imean, on rough day levels, I got sent home third period because I couldn't stop crying, so, I can kind of relate if you want to talk mentioned ocuntil after you mentioned him?

Look I've just been having a Sorry maybe it's just my Bvell Also at this point, I realised she blocked me on my main? Probably so I couldn't bust her for her bs, but whatever, I guess Add a comment as a sp Write a message Classy Imao 1 like Reply 42w after this I got one of my half friends to spill the beans that she was shit talking me and completly blowing up the situation to my friends behind my back without showing any of the screenshots from the conversations.

I feel bad for her friends and I hope L quits her bullshit in the future. View replies 1 Add a comment as a. Get Em Girl: Candace Owens RealCandaceO By the way, ChrisEvans since you seem to suggest that black people who don't agree with you are stupid", lopenly challenge you to a debate Politicon is in a couple of weeks Why don't you put your racist sentiments on full display and debate a black conservative? Chris Evans ChrisEvans There's nothing more maddening than debating someone who doesn't know history, doesn't read books, and frames their myopia as virtue.

The level of unapologetic conjecture l've encountered lately isn't just frustrating, it's retrogressive, PM Oct 1, I looovvveee the "l'm so happy without kids" and cheats on gf all the time You're not happy. Idiot 20m Like Reply happy, why have ign you been trying to keep in contact with me and why did you try and meet up with me numerous times for the past years?? As a consultant she gets incredible skin, great discounts and best of all, residual income!

Ladies and gentlemen, we got him: the evolution of one of 2018’s best memes

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The song features American rapper Snoop Dogg , who co-wrote the song with David Buchanan and producer Bangladesh for her second studio album of the same name. It was released as the album's lead single on 17 September The concept of the song is about shoes and showcases a more urban , hip hop flavoured sound than Mauboy's previous singles.

But if there's one thing we've learned about years, it's that each one somehow manages to become more and more befuddling than the last. So as we continue to make sense and light of our hell world, here are a mere handful of the memes we've enjoyed throughout the year, a log we've painstakingly updated, as a nice respite from, you know, all the other stuff. Check out the best memes of here. Please don't eat laundry pods. Though the Tide Pod fascination started way back in , it reached a hell pitch this month, when teens began posting videos of themselves taking chomps out of the colorful little detergent packets.

you know she had to dab to get em

When i say this game brings you to tears from laughing i am not kidding. Has very adult and explicit content so not recommended for teens. The phrases alone are hilarious. Ultimate party game or ice breaker. Its similar to the cards against humanity game as far as rules go and structure of play. To me though that game requires a lot of imagination to be funny. This one is hands down funny. I love this game, especially with a larger group. Word to the wise, the Mature content deck is a little bit much. Here at Walmart.

Top go get em girl! Stickers for Android & iOS

You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. Since its debut appearance in the sequel Modern Warfare 2 , the quote has been widely used by the fanbase as a catchphrase and sound effect in FAIL images and videos for humorous effect. The quote "mission failed, we'll get 'em next time" was first introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare , the sixth installment of the Call of Duty CoD series and the direct sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare , released in November In the game, the quote is uttered by the character Ghost over radio transmission when the player dies or fails to accomplish the objective in a special ops mission.

If it wasn't for funny memes—you know: quips and images that exist solely for easy entertainment—Facebook wouldn't be entertaining enough to steal so much of your time.

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The Em Dash Divides

Try Our Food Word Quiz! Play Now. As an interjection refrain popularly used in response to a prank, got em can be found online since at least It was popularized online by the deez-nuts meme.

Get Em Girl. Em Girl. Lash Boost. Improvise Adapt. Get Em.

"go get em girl memes" Memes & GIFs


Best of CamRon: Subscribe here: Music video by Cam'Ron Nov 23, - Uploaded by CamRonVEVO.

- Может, пройдем, чтобы я смог вам это доказать. - Не стану вас затруднять, - ухмыльнулась она, - благодарю за предложение. Но все же кто .

- Он очень, очень полный. Ролдан сразу понял. Он хорошо запомнил это обрюзгшее лицо. Человек, к которому он направил Росио.

Шифр до сих пор не взломан. Сьюзан от изумления застыла с открытым ртом. Она посмотрела на часы, потом на Стратмора.


Именно поэтому я и послал за ним Дэвида. Я хотел, чтобы никто ничего не заподозрил. Любопытным шпикам не придет в голову сесть на хвост преподавателю испанского языка. - Он профессор, - поправила его Сьюзан и тут же пожалела об.

У нее часто возникало чувство, что Стратмор не слишком высокого мнения о Дэвиде и считает, что она могла бы найти себе кого-то поинтереснее, чем простой преподаватель.

Я заплачу ему десять тысяч долларов за один день работы. Он заберет личные вещи Танкадо и вернется домой. Разве это не услуга.

Сьюзан промолчала. Она поняла: все дело в деньгах. Она перенеслась мыслями в тот вечер, когда президент Джорджтаунского университета предложил Дэвиду повышение - должность декана факультета лингвистики.

Беккер здесь… Я чувствую, что. Он двигался методично, обходя один ряд за другим. Наверху лениво раскачивалась курильница, описывая широкую дугу. Прекрасное место для смерти, - подумал Халохот.

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