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W hat do you want me to do? I have nothing. What do you want me to do? My wife is gone. My kids are gone. Brian McNamee is cracking up. When I reach him in early January, he is by turns combative and agitated, paranoid and oddly vulnerable. This is not at all the way he thought his life would turn out when he met Roger Clemens ten years ago. And, when Clemens asked him to, he allegedly injected him with the steroids and growth hormones that would allow the aging player to stave off the ravages of time.

The goal, of course, was the Hall of Fame, and McNamee was along for the ride, thrilled with his proximity—dare he say, his friendship—with the baseball great. And maybe he would make a buck off it. Now all those plans were in shambles. Under threat of prosecution for drug distribution, McNamee had accused his hero, benefactor, and friend of steroid use before the Major League Baseball commission led by former senator George Mitchell.

At times, McNamee seems willing to take the blows to his reputation, a fitting punishment for turning on a friend. Toward the end of our conversation, McNamee tries to summon some resolve. You treated me like family. You brought me into your house. I ate with your family. I helped you with school projects. Biology and physics were conspiring to slow him down. McNamee was 31, a trainer from Queens who had grown up wanting to be Johnny Bench or Thurman Munson or Pete Rose—tough, no-nonsense players—but had never been good enough to go pro.

His father had been a cop, and McNamee joined the academy in , eventually becoming an undercover officer in the anti-crime unit. It was a friend from St. Tim McCleary, an assistant general manager with the Yankees, helped McNamee get a job as a bullpen catcher.

McNamee had higher ambitions. He wanted to become a strength coach, a more respected and prominent position in the locker-room caste system. So he left the Yankees to go back to school, earned a degree in sports science from Long Island University, and worked for a while as a personal trainer before returning to baseball. McNamee was hired to train all the players, but he and Clemens fixated on each other. They lived in apartments in a luxury hotel connected to the SkyDome, the stadium where the Blue Jays played.

They were both single-minded, their workouts together the only focus during the ample downtime between games. McNamee had dreamed of being a major-league catcher, and now he was catching for one of the greats. They lifted free weights and did pound squats. According to McNamee, the training was going well, but perhaps not well enough for Clemens. On the road for a Florida Marlins game just two months into the season, Clemens allegedly asked McNamee about steroids.

There were no witnesses. Roger used to talk about that a lot. The next year, Clemens, now 36, signed up with the Yankees. He brought McNamee with him, getting him on the payroll as an assistant strength-and-conditioning coach for the team even though he worked almost exclusively with Clemens. HGH would help Clemens recover more quickly after strenuous workouts and innings on the mound. Other players, seeing how Clemens valued McNamee, sought him out. Soon, pitcher Andy Pettitte, who revered Clemens, too, became a regular workout partner with him and McNamee.

Nitkowski, a former pitcher for the Houston Astros who went to St. It hardly mattered. During the off-season, Clemens would invite McNamee to stay in the pool house at his lavish Houston estate so that they could continue their training sessions.

McNamee was in awe of Clemens. There was this extreme level of reverence. He was officious about it. He was pissed off I was intruding on their intimacy.

Clemens was generous with McNamee, donating memorabilia to a charity auction for his diabetic son, Brian Jr. The boy, now 10, was obsessed with him, and Clemens would call him when he was feeling ill, or show up to have his picture taken with his Little League team. By then, McNamee had begun to parlay his connection to Clemens into business opportunities, selling nutritional supplements, weight belts, and vitamins.

In advertisements, he called himself Dr. Brian McNamee, Ph. He bragged that his workouts were so intense that he paid for liability insurance in case Clemens was injured.

Back in Breezy Point, McNamee was a minor celebrity. His neighbors hit him up for autographs and free tickets. He was a made man. And I want it to go away.

McNamee has claimed recently that he was hospitalized for stress and offered seven figures to appear on TV. Neither is true. Having started the season with a history-breaking pitching record, Clemens was on top of the world, and so was McNamee. After Knoblauch retired for the evening, McNamee and another Yankees staffer went skinny-dipping in the pool with a woman from the party.

McNamee was married, but there were always women around when the team was on the road—one of the perks of working in the major leagues. But what might have been a typical night of ballplayers and their entourages blowing off steam quickly turned into a nightmare.

According to the police report, a hotel employee saw McNamee apparently having sex with the woman in the shallow end of the pool while the other man stood watching, naked, six feet away. We may never know exactly what happened that night. To this day, McNamee claims he is innocent, telling friends that he was misidentified by the hotel employee and that he lied to police to cover up for others involved.

In this version of events, Wonsowicz ran away and McNamee stayed behind to help the woman out of the pool and back into her Spandex clothing. Wonsowicz still works for the Yankees, and a spokesperson for the team had no comment on the incident. Regardless, it was all too tawdry for the Yankees brass, and McNamee was let go a few months later. For a while, even Clemens stopped working with him.

A lurid story about the Florida incident appeared in the New York Post, and everyone in Breezy Point was clucking about the scandal. McNamee had to work out his marital problems on his own, but Clemens came to the rescue as far as his career was concerned.

For many, it was a sign of just how close the two men were. Despite the public displays of loyalty, it was clear that something had changed in their relationship. With McNamee now barred from the Yankees locker room, he and Clemens saw each other less and less. McNamee had taken a job at his old college, St.

It was around this time that Major League Baseball started to feel the heat over steroid use. In , the league started testing players. Meanwhile, a federal investigation into steroid distribution in the Northern District of California was expanding, eventually nabbing onetime Mets staffer Kirk Radomski, a key steroid dealer to players and trainers—including McNamee.

But authorities were closing in on McNamee. Investigators obtained a series of checks that McNamee had written to Radomski to pay for steroids, and soon he was facing prosecution for distribution of illegal drugs. When he met with federal agents this past June, they threatened him with jail time. The trainer hired a lawyer, and the lawyer brokered a deal: If he answered their questions truthfully, nothing he said would be held against him. If he is to be believed, he has lied again and again—sometimes at personal peril—to protect his friends.

Now he was being asked to sell out his most important friend, the guy who made him, the player his son worshipped. McNamee was working out with him in Kentucky when he first got the call to appear before investigators. In fact, he trained Clemens multiple times through the period of his questioning—putting the pitcher through his paces even as he wrestled with what to tell federal agents.

By December, after five months and three interviews with Mitchell, McNamee had told investigators all he knew—or at least all he remembered or was willing to say.

Still, it was enough. All I did was what I thought was right—and I never thought it was right, but I thought that I had no other choice, put it that way.

And I think when I spoke with your guys, that I laid it out there. McNamee knew things were going to get ugly. Before the Mitchell Report went public on December 13, he learned that Clemens would be named. He sent his wife and three kids to Disney World. Now he waited. And then, the deluge. Clemens has said he was shocked to find his name in the report, but that was disingenuous. McNamee talked to them for two hours, confessing everything that he told Mitchell.

Roger & Him

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That Loud Life Guy – Jamie Clemens

It was the highest rating for such a production in the Netherlands. But alongside this recognition, Knoop, a father of two whose mild manners and amiable expression conceal a steely determination, has paid a heavy personal price for the discovery. Menten befriended the Nazi occupation forces, tracked down his former associates and murdered them, Knoop reported. The multimillionaire art dealer escaped more serious charges by libeling his accusers, but ultimately was exposed after trying to auction off stolen goods. Knoop was warned off the story by people whose own careers were ruined by Menten when they threatened to expose him. He soon realized they were right. It is the highest death rate in occupied Western Europe. The revelation followed a scandal in showing how throughout the s, the government levied fines on Jews who were late paying their property taxes because they were in concentration camps. Knoop encountered some bigotry over his exposure of the Menten affair — one colleague accused him of being overly emotional about the case because Knoop is Jewish — but he attributes his ejection from the journalistic scene to the sectarianism of Dutch publications back when they were affiliated with adversarial parties and groups, including Protestants, Catholics and Socialists. And I was.

In Holland, a Jewish journalist belatedly honored for unmasking a ‘monster’

Colton Lee Haynes born July 13, is an American actor and model. Haynes's parents were divorced; [6] his father was married seven times. Haynes disclosed that he was gay at the age of He has said that he experienced bullying due to his sexuality, and that he ran away from home for a time due to his mother's negative reaction to it. Penney , and Ralph Lauren.

W hat do you want me to do? I have nothing.

For most athletes, their favorite athletic moment involves themselves. Team before self. A native of Bonn, Germany, Clemens grew up playing soccer and tennis without any thoughts of the American college system.

Colton Haynes

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German native improves game at UCLA

A book about a year-old, regular-season baseball game doesn't seem like it would contain much suspense, but Kettmann's account of the August 30, contest between the Boston Red Sox and the New Baca ulasan lengkap. He conceived and edited Game Time, Roger Angell's collection of baseball writing. This is his first book. Account Options Login. Koleksiku Bantuan Penelusuran Buku Lanjutan. Steve Kettmann.

Discover the family tree of Guy Clemens Marie Van Cauteren for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry.

I identify as a water kid. I was born and raised in West Palm Beach where you could either find me at the beach surfing or wake boarding on a lake. Growing up in a world like that and with parents who worked really hard to give me a good life, it caused me to have a very optimistic and skewed view of how the world works — it just works for you or so I thought. So at the age of 19 when I met who is now my wife, Natalya, she called me an optimist to a fault. Even at 19, I had a desire to own a video company, so when the company she worked for said they were considering a video I drove over to my church, grabbed all the video equipment I could find, stuffed it in a duffle bag and prepared my pitch.

Watch now. After the death of their best friend, three young women decide to complete her bucket list - only to find one particular entry exceptionally challenging: finding true love. After a bizarre one night stand leaves him infertile, a careless bachelor sets out to connect with the television presenter who, as the result of the anonymous sperm donation he once made, happens to be pregnant with his child.

Вылезай скорее! - послышался женский голос. Мидж все же его разыскала. Он застонал.

Когда же он пришел в себя, его голос был едва слышен, но исполнен решимости: - Мидж, вызовите аварийную команду.

Стратмор пожал плечами. - Слабое сердце… да к тому же еще испанская жара. Не забывай и о сильнейшем стрессе, связанном с попыткой шантажировать наше агентство… Сьюзан замолчала. Какими бы ни были обстоятельства, она почувствовала боль от потери талантливого коллеги-криптографа.

Мрачный голос Стратмора вывел ее из задумчивости.

Глаза немца сузились. - Ein Ring, - сказал Беккер.  - Du hast einen Ring. У вас есть кольцо. - Проваливайте! - зарычал немец и начал закрывать дверь.

Сьюзан в ужасе смотрела на экран. Внизу угрожающе мигала команда: ВВЕДИТЕ КЛЮЧ Вглядываясь в пульсирующую надпись, она поняла. Вирус, ключ, кольцо Танкадо, изощренный шантаж… Этот ключ не имеет к алгоритму никакого отношения, это противоядие.

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