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Too lazy to find a girlfriend

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I'm too lazy to get dressed up just to wait for men to approach me. I'm too lazy to pursue a realtionship, but I want one. Is there a caffeine one could take for social fatigue?


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Are you too lazy to have a girlfriend?

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Home Self Help Relationships I am lazy to search for a girlfriend. I am lazy to search for a girlfriend. Are there more people like me? Damn I have low motivation, don't know, it can take ages till I find a girlfriend I am 23, there are other already married at my age, and I hadn't have a real relationship with a girl. Maybe I should set some goal to spend x hours a week for searching, communicating, because otherwise I cannot force myself, there are other fun things to do instead of searching a stupid girl.

I never had anything close to a relationship until I just graduated from college, I was 23 at the time myself. She was friends with my best friend and his girlfriend so it was very convenient.

After a while I realized she was getting pretty attached to me and I started to realize what I was doing, felt pretty selfish so I had to break up with her. Anyway I guess what I'm saying is it'll happen when youre ready. You just have to be happy with yourself and where you are, so focus on whatever will achieve that and the girl will find you. Yeah, I actually want a girlfriend, but damn it demands so much time to find one that I like and also she likes me.

Hamming wrote: Are there more people like me? But I don't feel I am very young, I need to at least practice with them, because if I wait more, I can end up not being able to find one just because I will be even more bad at girls. I yet one thing - I want sex. I cannot turn off that desire But as I said - I would like to be in a relationship, but I just don't like that searching proccess because it takes much time from me. Sometimes that searching process is also fun, but often - I talk to girls on the internet and after some time I see that there is no more point because either I am not interested in that girl, or the girl is not interested in me.

So thats why so much time is wasted. Hamming, Seek happiness from within. It is natural to seek companionship. When thing are forced, it might not be what you want.

You sayt that love come in unexpected time. But there are people who are alone whole life. So I am afraid to became one of such. In last days I am chatting with one girl who at least shows intererst in chatting with me, so I don't chat with others who don't show so much interest. I think I want to meet her, but I am pretty sure she will not like me very much when she will see how stressful I will be at date she looks good enough in photos for me.

What I don't understad is though that, some people only find out what they want out of life in their 40s, maybe the career which really makes them happy yet they don't wait around for relationship, they still seem to have successful relationship when they perhaps aren't that happy with how things are going. The mind boggles. Depending on your desires, if you just want a physical relationship, it shouldn't be too hard if you are not picky she doesnt have to be Ms Right to just sleep with her.

The only 3 serious relationships I've had have been from out of nowhere. Afterwards I can trace back how they came about and I had a lot to do with making them happen but not conciously.

You can't look for it - it will find you. It's called getting lucky for a reason. Meantime - just relax. You don't miss what you never had so enjoy being single. Love and relationships are like anything else - you have to put some work in to get things out.

If you sit in your house on the computer and don't meet people in real life and don't make an effort, then guaranteed you will still be sitting there by yourself at I wonder if you're lazy PoppyGoodWill wrote: Love and relationships are like anything else - you have to put some work in to get things out. Main Menu. Relationship Resources.

I am lazy to search for a girlfriend

Lazy, egotistical, impetuous me. I asked them to walk the plank anytime things got too tough. Or sometimes they beat me to it and jumped ship. None of us were committed to a long term voyage, too distracted by other fish in the sea and our own sense of greatness. After years of short term dating, I did find someone amazing worth a long term attempt.

Home Self Help Relationships I am lazy to search for a girlfriend. I am lazy to search for a girlfriend.

Are you too lazy to have a girlfriend? I want a girlfriend but im always too lazy to ask one out. I do anything to save me from breaking a sweat. Even if I had a girlfriend,I wouldnt do anything different than what I do when I lay around and play video games.

Lazy Man’s Way to Find the Perfect Girlfriend – Be Yourself

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Interpersonal Skills Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people looking to improve their interpersonal communication skills. It only takes a minute to sign up. Yesterday I wanted to meet my girlfriend in the evening but after taking a shower I was sort of lazy and decided to spend the evening reading instead of going out in the cold. We did not have a proper date or anything special planned but just wanted to meet casually. It takes me approximately 40 minutes to get to her place using public transportation. Today I found out that she was angry at me for being honest in telling her that I was to lazy to get out of bed and making the way. She thinks laziness is not an excuse for cancelling the "date" and was even more shocked about my honesty about it. Her point is also that our relationship is rather fresh we started 3 months ago. Is it really that strange?

Three Signs You’re Too Lazy For Love

Learn how to take advantage of your lamest interests like wizard cows to land the perfect girlfriend. Last time I wrote you I spoke about confidence. To get a girlfriend, you need to practice that confidence boosting trick as often as possible. It is one of the most simple yet powerful ways to boost your confidence. Continue to practice that trick in real life.

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If you get a gf for the sake of having one, you might not be happy it shouldn't be too hard if you are not picky (she doesnt have to be Ms Right  Feb 2, - 15 posts - ‎8 authors.

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