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Run Melos! Sub

Other name: Hashire Melos (Movie)

Synopsis: Melos is a good boy from Messina and has come to Syracuse, the magnificent city of temples, to buy a ritual sword for his sister’s marriage ceremony. He meets a very talented sculptor and they become friends. Later, the King’s guards arrest Melos while he was having a walk in the castle’s gardens and Syracuse’s King, obsessed by the idea of assassins out to kill him, sentences him to death. Melos is desperate, but most of all he wants to be present at his sister’s marriage, so he asks the King for three days to go to Messina for the celebration and then return to Syracuse where he will accept the death penalty. The King does not trust Melos, but, trying to demonstrate that nobody could trust him, asks him to find a volunteer substitute in case he breaks his promise. The sculptor accepts to be Melos’ substitute in this case…

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